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    1. This is Generic Trivia Game!

      Do you have what it takes to compete with the best? Are you an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Nerd? Do you live in pop-culture and useless trivia?

      Then this event is for you!

      16 players will compete for trivia superiority. Each group of 4 plays one board, with the winner or each heat moving on to the finals!

      • Single Elimination
      • trivia
      • July 17th 07:30 PM
    2. Each player brings 3 unique decks from 3 different classes to compete in a single elimination tournament, best of 5 format.

      No decklist is required, but be honest, decks are not to be changed/swapped/replaced between rounds. You must play your 3 decks all the way through.

      Auto-create decks (ie Wizbang) are banned.

      • Single Elimination
      • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
      • August 16th 01:00 PM
    3. Classic Overwatch 6v6 tournament. Form the best team of 6 and battle it out for Honor and Glory!

      Maps will be a random pool from current Overwatch Maps, Competitive settings will be used, no comps forced here you are free to play any comp you want.

      Single elimination. Do not have a full team? Sign up anyway, we can help you coordinate. 

      Remember, the world could always use more heroes.

      • Round Robin
      • Overwatch
      • August 17th 01:00 PM
    4. Do you know what this tournament is? No? Me either and I am running it!

      This is a mix and match tournament with small single elimination events. Can you make it to the end for the Grand Prize?

      • Single Elimination
      • No One Knows
      • August 16th 07:00 PM
    5. Classic Heroes of the Storm format with self facilitated Hero Draft and Map selection.

      Don't have the full team of 5? Sign up anyway and we can help you organize.

      • Single Elimination
      • Heroes of the Storm
      • August 17th 07:00 PM
    6. Minecraft Free for All Scavenger Hunt.

      The hunt starts at noon on Friday and goes until 9am on Sunday or until someone collects all 16 items and places them in the correct order on the player's station in game.

      Item list will be revealed at the start of the tournament, but we can tell you know it will take more than a little Minecraft know-how to compete for top prize this year!

      Tournament is capped at 24 players, so sign up fast.

      • Free For All
      • Minecraft
      • August 16th 12:00 PM
    7. Real Life, AFK, whatever you want to call it, this event will not be in front of a PC, we are unplugging you from the Matrix for this fun filled event.

      More information will be available prior to the event start.

      • Single Elimination
      • Cap Attack
      • August 17th 04:00 PM
    8. Build the tallest tower of mechanical drives and plant your flag on the top to assume total victory over the competition. Each player gets one shots and 2 minutes to compete. Do you have the building skills to rise above the competition? Or will you topple under the pressure?
      • Single Elimination
      • Hard Drive Stacking
      • August 18th 09:00 AM
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