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Found 6 results

  1. At least I'm assuming it was a ban. I have suddenly found myself unable to join all of the servers, and I don't exactly get a lot of information about why. As Battlefield likes to just tell me "You've been kicked by an Admin". I would like to know what it was for, why, and to appeal it (if possible). BattleLog Profile
  2. A despicable hacker comeback to ATR servers with a new identity, here the links BAN https://www.ggc-stream.net/search/server/guid/game/41/gid/a976d31d637771bab2a747479a88e83f Main account https://bfadmin.atrgamers.com/players/151020/TrippyKeK Alt Account https://bfadmin.atrgamers.com/players/274117/BadAIM-Feral
  3. Hello ATR community, my name in bf4 is __7urtlefu im currently ranked #1 in both atr 32p server, im usually playing with 3 or 4 friends using ts or voip in some cases, i read the rules and i havent broke none of them, i dont use cheats and im always trying to be a good sport, playing to reach a goal always = winning, the case of this topic is 1 thing that is worst than cheating, since cheating requires a 3rd party software, griefing is available to anyone. The following HELIX members are using griefing as their tool to disrupt the before mentioned ATR servers http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/HELIX-Xyla/ http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/WashedUpPubHero/ http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/IIIIPSYCH0IIII/ the following video captured the day 12/17/16 is an undeniable proof, they been doing this since 12/16/16 at some point they used spectator to reach their goals. I dont mind any strategy the enemy team will use, im always outnumbered and i keep playing, but they reach a further step on griefing, using 3 and 4 man power to reach their '' degenerate'' objective
  4. Hey guys, not exactly sure if this is the right place in the forums to dispute as ban, so if someone can direct me to the correct thread it would be greatly appreciated! (BF4 user name is o-SnowFox-o in case you'd like to look at my stats and stats for the games I've played on your server!) I believe I was banned on 8/25/2106 for aimboting, which I have never been accused of before. I have never been banned on any other servers either. My overall KD is 2.36, nothing outrageous, and my overall accuracy is 12.68%, far from anything aimboting standards. In my most recent games on the ATR servers my accuracy ranged from 16-26%, and my KD was around 1.5-2.5. There was a single round where I had a 6.14 KD, but that's very uncommon for me and probably one of my best games ever. Unfortunately I don't really have any video proof to back up my claims, since I don't really know how to set that stuff up and never really regularly (or at all) recorded gaming sessions. I'm willing to do what I can to make it possible to play on these servers again, since they were some of my favorites, and actually made up about 1/3 of the servers I even used on Battlefield 4. It would be so disappointing to lose out on the ability to play on ATR servers. I apologize for any misunderstandings, and I appreciate the admins time. Thank you for the consideration.
  5. Hello atr community, my name is 7urtlefu i play in atr servers almost everyday and i enjoy playign with friends, i been accused of hacking several times since i started playing online games, sometimes it goes out of control such in this case, where a player with the name donkeyflopper keep grifing me for several rounds, i uploaded the video as proof, thanks before hand.
  6. I registered on this site in order to appeal a ban on the ATR BF4 servers. However, a few problems have occurred: The Register button at the top-right of the ATRstats webpage doesn't work I signed up on this site via the Google+ SSO I don't know what username or password to use on ATRstats The Disassociate Google+ link in the Google+ user settings page leads to a PHP error I can't delete my user account on this site in order to re-register I could fix this by using a different email to register, but I don't really want to. I'm not even sure if it would work, since this site and ATRstats don't seem to share state.
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