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Sloth E-Sports is a Gaming Peripheral and Apparel start-up out of Binghamton, NY. We are a unique take to the current meta within the industry. Our intrinsic buying power, design, and love for the scene is second to none.

Sloth E-Sports is the brain child of two Broome County natives, Stefan Oliveira and Chris Krowiak. The two have been friends and PC gaming since the they were dying of dysentery on the Oregon Trail. Growing up they have been involved with LANs, Teams, Clubs, and Tournaments. Knowing that they wanted to create something, the duo started to humor the idea of getting involved in the scene some how.   


After a long period of planning, their Kickstarter Campaign goal was met, and Sloth E-Sports was born! Sloth E-Sports currently offers high end SlothMat Pro gaming mousepads, and SlothFur apparel. Both our clothing line and mousepad line have the highest quality. This is so we can ensure that you’ll be able to eviscerate your foes on the digital battleground of your choosing.

We hope to continue to UNLEASH THE SLOTH and provide only the best products for you awesome slothlings.

Thanks for stopping by and please remember to spawn more overlords, warp in more pylons, and build more supply depots.

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