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Reinhardt, Reinhardt, Reinhardt, HaHa!
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  2. if anyone ever wants to play some overwatch games feel free to add me: Mantra#1377 usually play hanzo/genzi for damage dealing mercy/lucio for heals and roadhog/orisa for tanking but try to play a little bit of all of them where needed wouldnt mind setting up a 6 man team for some competitive if people are up for it. already have a 3 man team i usually play with just need 3 more
  3. Mythosaur

    Overwatch Fridays


    Gromn makes event. Goes to play Civ6 instead. Dillweed
  4. Not fond of these type of marketing, but I've got Amazon Prime so I'm not gonna complain https://twitch.amazon.com/prime/loot/overwatch?ref_=SM_OM_OWLP_AMPED
  5. Gromn

    Overwatch Fridays

    Join us in Overwatch Friday nights!