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  1. What's new in this society
  2. Password: atrgamers So far mostly me fucking around.
  3. do we still have a server up for this?
  4. Factorio 0.16 Mods mods.zip
  5. And its done. Learned a lot with this one. Next time I know to not put things so damn close together. lol
  6. 0.15. Haven't seen a 1.xx anywhere....
  7. 1.15 or 1.14? Sent from my SM-G955U using ATR Gamers mobile app
  8. So i took a break from the MASSIVE modded stuff and have been just playing with Bobs mods. I am getting really close to launching a rocket, which is nuts. Angels Mod got to an area where I actually would have needed to restart. It would have just been easier to restart the game then to try and rearange everything The 3 pics that are included are a large over view of like 15% of the base area. The Alien research labs. and My main research labs. The last one is of the Map and my electrical grid. That last one is to show size of everything together, because its insane.
  9. I changed a few things up. Still having MAJOR iron issues. and the aliens have started attacking on all sides.lol
  10. Here is a glimpse at the research tree. Its absolutely nuts.
  11. I'm sure it gets more complex, You've been in it for only a few hours, but your screenshots only shot a tiny snippit of the end game, even when compared to simple vanilla We need that factorio porn!
  12. you should look at these mods. i don't think Vanilla can compare to this crap, its nuts. From minding to plate production, my ore goes through 5 different stages, and I Haven't even started the chemical processing.
  13. Should of seen the 1.14 vanilla base
  14. It just gets worse and worse, or more and more fun. The addiction is getting worse though.
  15. This is what a SUPER modded factory looks like. I am maybe an hour in. Only using the Red Science Vials, haven't even started on the Green ones.
  16. I finally got Electric furnaces, so now the rebuild has started.lol
  17. Look up a factorio main bus, seems a popular method.
  18. So here is my current build. No trains, no flying robots. Its very close nit and very chaotic. Its the best I can do right now. I want to relocate with trains, but everything still works.lol
  19. Ya, looking over what people do in 0.15 base makes me wonder if the Mod might be too much right now
  20. So i've been playing this mod solo to try and learn it. I have the most fucked up "system" going on. Its really gross. Who would have known by adding like 5 more ores would cause so much chaos.lol
  21. Set Factorio to latest beta Unzip mods in to %appdata%\Factorio\mods Connect to factorio.atrgamers.com mods.zip
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