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  1. Gromn


  2. We currently have 3 servers in this order of mods used: mc1.atrcraft.com = FTB Revelations v1.1.0 mc2.atrcraft.com = Skyfactory 3 v3.0.15 mc3.atrcraft.com = Vanilla (not sure the version) (Thank you @The_Real_1hit) If something doesn't work let me know and i'll follow up
  3. I will be putting a team together for probably friday evening to go in Yolo and learn the fights without a guide(makes it more fun to figure it out together then just watch a guide since the raids in this game aren't too long compared to WoW). I know a few already told me they would be into that, if you are interested and will be at appropriate powerlevel by then let me know and @me in the comment and I will take who I can. We can probably also start another team since we can only take 6.
  4. For anyone who pre-ordered the game is up now and its pretty sick
  5. Gromn

    Overwatch Fridays

    Join us in Overwatch Friday nights!
  6. In the previous game you just paid for the game itself and later the expansions. There was no subscription.
  7. I played the first one a lot and this one being on PC should make it last a lot longer. So expect to see a bunch of us WoW guys over there.
  8. so i should just drop my stuff in a chest in "happys world" for now?
  9. I'm from the WoW side but i picked the game up on the 18th for early access and have been having alot of fun, feel to add me and ill hop in with you guys when your on. "Gromnnomnom" is my tag.
  10. she has a razer black widow ultimate (mechanical, and it was from when they were still blue)
  11. i used the easy flash tool and updated it from a USB, its updated and appears to be working, that is... as long as her razer black widow keyboard isn't plugged in at start up for whatever reason
  12. sounds good, gatta get these rollin to get them in time also, are we getting them shipped to you mastric?
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