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  1. I guess you two are forcing me to come back to raid to prove who is a part of the DK MASTER RACE.
  2. Training for next six weeks ends at 9 (10 server). Hopefully I'll be able to hop in and maybe get a kill each night at the end of the raid.
  3. Starting training for a new job on Monday... won't be able to raid for two months or so. Good luck friends
  4. Yeah proving grounds were a joke, I was under 600 and cruised through to gold on DPS.
  5. Might be a little bit late - going out to dinner for step-dad's birthday.
  6. The more you hit your keys the harder you skillz hit, duh!
  7. Probably going to get hung up at work later than usual, will be on as soon as I get home.
  8. I for the life of me can't remember who said something about it - but it has been mentioned before about making killshot movies to upload to youtube or even just to have on the site. I normally play with music and with no game sound so I don't know how helpful they will be, but if the interest is there, here's my point of view from streams: http://www.twitch.tv/kud0z/profile/pastBroadcasts I just turned the feature on... and also just missed out on Thok but the vidyas will add up eventually.
  9. Yeah now changing wishlist to thok
  10. Good job everyone... I expect a repeat performance next week when I can make it
  11. First post best post, don't ever hate on DK povs.
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