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  1. I haven't played for a very long time, but the Mods i have installed worked on the LAN party version (maze). They are on the Twitch Client
  2. I loaded into the game and kept dying to literally everything. :C This mod is too OP for me
  3. What a bad bird! I had landed it on the beach, and went into the water. When I came back out, maybe 45 seconds later, she was gone! Thank you for finding her! <3
  4. I lost almost all of my materials on my lower floor.... I think I'm done for a while :c
  5. I wouldn't mind if it would give me pings as i get closer, but not a pinpoint location
  6. As @Mastric has been telling me for almost 6 months; I need a new storage unit, because mine hates my guts and wants me to be miserable. I'm going out today to buy one from Best Buy because I'm not going to wait the weekend for shipping and I have absolutely no patience when my computer hates me. I know that the LAN is in less then a month but I can't let this go any farther, so I'm thinking about getting a decently rated SSD with a 500GB HDD to hold everything else for now. I understand the simple things about SSDs, but I have heard horror stories regarding them and dying or being over used. I'm assuming that it's a luck of the draw and with my luck, it'll hate me and make me cry. I was looking at two different SSDs. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/pny-cs1311-240gb-internal-sata-iii-solid-state-drive/4825701.p?id=bb4825701&skuId=4825701 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/intel-535-series-240gb-internal-sata-solid-state-drive-silver/8591148.p?id=1219693612383&skuId=8591148 I'm between these two for a few reasons. First, price. Second, they're close in speed. Usually I get the worst off branded computer parts and this time I figured I'd finally go with a brand that may be a little better then the brand that, from what I know, only sells USBs. And, they're both available within a comfortable driving distance for me, by myself. Now, I know I want a HDD but I'm not sold on how large I should be getting. I'm using maybe 450 GB of my 2TB but that's my only drive. I was thinking maybe a game or two would fit on the SSD and I'm not looking to store too much more then what I have. Brand doesn't mean much to me, but price does. The first, and last time I bought a HDD was in 2012, during the floods. About SSDs, I do need some guidance regarding installation. By that I mean installing the OS. Pointers would be awesome or dealing with me for about an hour would also be lovely; with plenty of,"wait, what?" And "say that again" and constantly repeating what is said to make sure I fully and completely understand. Cpu: fx9590 Ram: 10 GB ddr3 Mb: ROG formula z Graphics: 2GB EVGA nvidia 960 HDD: sea gate 2TB bought in April of 2012
  7. Well well well well if it isn't Allisons profile HELLO ALLISON COME PLAY SOME LEAGUE WITH ME

    1. Nǝɹᴉʇɐ



  8. I'm pretty sure it's fine, right? Isn't there no noticeable difference between them, so long as it has the right amount of pins
  9. Dog pictures are great but I don't understand what's going on lol
  10. Nǝɹᴉʇɐ

    Alt Raid

    Be there, logged in, ready to go at 7:30 EASTERN. Whisper Varibash/Phobia, Willistari, or Lihuai/Nerita. Requested item Level is 680 ish. In need of everything. plz
  11. I don't know what this is, but I know I want it. Kitty cat* calendar best calendar
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