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  1. I haven't played for a very long time, but the Mods i have installed worked on the LAN party version (maze). They are on the Twitch Client
  2. Not gonna lie, I read the date as 3/18/28... @____@
  3. Negative! He's trying to say he's not sick of raiding, but is here for the team.
  4. I loaded into the game and kept dying to literally everything. :C This mod is too OP for me
  5. Last time I saw her was for Easter when I had to be 11 or 12.
  6. My Aunt is moving away again, so my older sisters are having a small 'Going Away' party. It's been about 12 years since I've last seen her, so I'm going to say good bye. It's going to start at about 6 PM but I'd like to stay later since I haven't seen her in so long. Thanks team.
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