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  1. 2 things, I didn't schedule anything on wednesdays. Im impressed this circle jerk is still going, it's been made very clear that this is how things operate, i fought it for months and months, i have the title to prove it. People are happy with smashing their face on a boss with their friends, and have no interest in replacing people that cannot to mechanics. its really that simple, it's nobody's fault, its not a bad thing. Just a fact.
  2. You cant fool us by posting from gromns computer narita.
  3. Resolute Gamer is WoW only already isnt it?
  4. jodran i love you, but i couldnt finish the post because that supid text and background color hurts my eyes
  5. Pretty sure veteran is for raiding members and old school players
  6. So i should have made this post 2 weeks ago instead of just putting something in the shoutbox, so i apologize for that. Over the last month or so my job situation has been really bad due to my own stupidity so iv been really stressed out and I haven't had the patience that id normally have to be in raid. I am also looking to buy a house and the nice houses in my area are selling days after they go on the market lately so when on comes up i potentially want to look at i need to book an appointment asap. Which means it could run into raid times and i don't want to be like alot of people
  7. It has gear for our entire raid, including you, its a quick easy way to learn the fights and get some uprgades
  8. Very Few of our Raiders are above 670, which means 665gear is an upgrade for them. plus tier sets will out weight 5 item levels
  9. my votes normal for 1-2 weeks for stratagy/ tier. beat heroic, then do the real raid. mythic
  10. the cat pits are open on normal, they are only closed on lfr normal and heroic Highmaul are identical for mechanics
  11. Normal mode 100% matters, just not in highmaul now that we can clear 6/7 with almost no effort. I completely agree with you here. do normal mode, maybe not full clear, like in highmaul there may be better options. but learning the fights the first week and getting tier tokens for everybody i feel would definitely be the best bet. I think you should add an option for use "Normal mode to learn Blackrock Foundry."
  12. Yeah because that was a poor decision, wiping a raid is not the way to make people laugh
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