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  1. Get up a summoning portal to the group then you bad lock
  2. Just in case you guys were having trouble with the original strat
  3. I'll level my pally to fuck around with Ashbringer but ret just has a low dps cap and is not worth bringing to raid
  4. Confirmed I'll be playing the magi Kevin gives the class a bad name with his granny-speed button pressing
  5. That fire magi deeps on Mythic Kormrok Crystal 3 seconds before hands Pyro Pyro Pyro combustion spread + dragon's breath + Blast wave Blast wave Where them deeps at Kevin
  6. I have a nutrition exam on Wednesday and a neurobiology exam on Thursday which means I have to use both Tuesday and Wednesday as my study days as well. Rip in the student life bois
  7. Thought a spot would open up with Kansir going tank (assumed for now)... I've been having fun with tranq to win D;
  8. Most likely not but friend in illidan's trying to get me to join the Korean overlord guild May swap to resto drood tho
  9. I may be server changing pally and playing drood healer on skullcrusher as main alt Or switching to drood healer main and not actually doing anything on pally other than getting ashbringer
  11. Tirion told me that I must become the Ashbringer and lead the Silver Hand. I almost abandoned the light and thought about becoming the filth that is the mage but I have renewed my faith Pally buffs pls
  12. Terrors is a shitty show mainly due to lack of a good plot buildup towards the writers' message. The conflict with Five was just the cherry on top. 2/5 for the good will in criticism of the old national Japan's right wing thinking but nothing else out of it. The cynical message is here, but the delivery isn't. And back to your point about being unable to carry people in mythic. Your argument is completely invalid because people were being carried even in our mythic Hellfire Assault kill. You think we downed that boss because everyone was doing their part? Some people did more than 1 person's worth and some people did less. That's just how ATR raiding has and will be done. I'm pretty sure we even have the dps check to kill Korm and council with 19 people in the raid. You can carry people through early mythic bosses until you hit Gorefiend or the upper floor bosses, at which point ATR may stop raiding mythic or continue piling corpses in raid untill Legion comes out. But at that point, simply following mechanics isn't enough and everyone will have to put out as much numbers as they possibly can. People who do mechanics but don't pull good numbers may just as much of a burden as people who get oneshot by the same mechanic. And I told you that people not learning their class isn't "unreasonable". That's just a standard you set up yourself. I could feel that everyone who does less dps than me should practice and learn their class because doing less than your sim dps is unreasonable. Heck, they could go read a guide and practice like you suggested watching a fatboss guide. Everyone has different standards and you can't enforce it upon other people and expect them to accept it as their own as well. This is why I said you shouldn't feel frustrated because although some people may change with criticism, some don't (or can't). Your current solution to the problem is sitting people who mess up constantly but you have also acknowledged that we don't have the bench to do that. So the only solution at this point is to either give up or test the limits of some people's backs. Since we have 20 people and also people who want to push for mythic, the current plan is the latter.
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