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  1. So I've been falling behind in school a bit for a bunch of reasons, and instead of rushing my next assignment in one day, I think I'll take the night away from raiding and do it in advance. And by advance, I mean it's due tomorrow and I don't want to rush it in one day. If I finish early [or at least make really good progress] I'll jump on later tonight. We finally got a caretaker so I have less time spent looking after the grandpa, hopefully once I get caught up on school things will be good again. I have another few papers due in the next couple of weeks but I'm not expecting to miss oth
  2. Regarding the guild members, I think there's an important distinction between people who put in a lot of effort into character, and those who don't. For maximum effort, running lfr/normal on optional time to get Abro stones/Ele runes, keeping a stockpile of flasks and pots [and even augment runes], research boss fights, are enchanted and gemmed, minmax as much as possible and know their class/spec extremely well. I think that there is a certain level of tolerance for bs/silliness/etc in two categories: performance on bosses, and attitude. I think that every raider fits somewhere between these
  3. I'm all for normal mode first. I think getting into heroic first might net us some big ilvl upgrades but we'll be seeing a lot less of them due to time spent clearing, learning and the tuning being tougher. Normal first means of course more boss kills, more people getting 2 piece set bonuses [good lord I want that] and we'll get a basic feel for the fight. Watching videos, which not everyone does, only gives us a basic idea and only helps usprepare us for it so much. I think we should go shitstomp normal first and then in week 2 probably switch to heroic until we feel like we hit a wall, t
  4. Canada Winter + Public Transit + Retarded Drivers = I hope I make it home alive and in time for raid Class over @6, takes 1 hour or more to get home depending on traffic and transit RNG. 'Expecting' to be home @7:15 or 7:20ish but if the Traffic RNGesus be evil I may or may not be late to some degree
  5. I cannot attend raid tonight. Personal stuffs. GL progressing the dragons.
  6. What this man said If I see some mastery/versatility trash I don't wanna spend 100% on it when I'd be replacing it as soon as I see literally any other stat combo
  7. Might be MIA Wednesday 13th. I have school to get caught up on. If all bodes well and the stars align I may be there, otherwise I'm going to do research for my essay tomorrow
  8. Never stopped me from raiding
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