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  1. I've set up a safe base for people who might want to try aberration but find a bit rough to start. It's in one of the medium area (Lower mushroom forest). Once someone can invite me to the tribe everyone should have access. P-S : The doggos are tame (at least those 3... can't say where the others that ate me a couple dozen times are).
  2. Most likely Mastric and the mass storage. We have thousands of oil, metal we have a bit less of. Look in the big huge building. In the future, if you want to avoid having resources pulled from your containers, add a * to the container's name.
  3. Don't be sad! The great Mort in the North will help you if you need stuff!
  4. until

    This is ambiguous. Are we talking about a level fifteen (15) + Survive the storm or a level forty (40) + one? Level fourteen (14) does not exist.. <.< EDIT: Woops. Clearly I just missread. But it's a 14 days level 40, not a 14 + (Doesn't go above 14).
  5. Beetles are only found at the bottom of caves. If you plan on going there alone, it has been nice knowing you. As for oil, it is more easily obtainable from oil rocks in the ocean. Tame an itchy and get to a rock, you can probably get a hundred before surfacing. Scuba set would make oil gathering a real joke.
  6. I would also suggest reducing dino food drain (or at the very least do it later once the hype has passed. On the previous server we had to log in everyday to feed them, or they'd start taking damage from starvation.
  7. I would personnaly suggest starting at 1 for the difficulty setting, higher dinos on yyour side will definitely make it easier. With that setting though, starting in the north with Rexes and alphas is unadvised. Also iirc back in the other server we didn't have both harvest health and harvest multiplier at 10, only harvest health. With both, your inventory just fills up instantly when you are riding a dinosaur.
  8. I use self-sacrifice runes, along with the beacons from tier 5 altar you fill your pool extremely fast. Of course I could set up a ritual under it to harvest blood from monsters (powered spawner is probably easier to do than capturing witches and having them heal up). One day I'll get back into minecraft and summon the demon village ritual to upgrade my altar to rank 6. As a side note, if you need a kickstart of blood power, feel free to use your orb in my altar. LP goes to the network the orb in the altar is linked to, which would be yours. You'd still get the benefit from my runes, however.
  9. Hop in TS if you can, I'll try to help. It's been working fine for me, so definitely on your end. P-S: I'm not entirely clueless with computers.
  10. @Chuck_Mawhinn3y I've been using fluxduct to run my RF to energy cells, where it is stored. From those energy cells, I use rednet energy cables to power my Ender IO machines, and it works.
  11. You've done this when I bought my GTX 980, and it did fix the problem... If I recall right I had exactly the same error, PC wouldn't boot with new card. Idk about the whole swapping thing as my motherboard only had the 2 slots needed to plug my card in.
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