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  1. Ftfk

    Blackhand Down

    Bash cropped me out, snugg did not. I know who my real friends are.
  2. Ftfk

    14/14 Mythic Cleared

    It may not be on farm, but there was at least a 40% health nerf between siege last week and this week.
  3. Ftfk

    14/14 Mythic Cleared

    People with alts that are 560+ and could probably do this: Bash, edge, Tbear, Jaylog, and myself. My tank alt always gets saved to dark shamans and nazgrim unless someone else steps up. Also, originally mythic was supposed to be non-server cross? Not sure if this hold true for SOO?
  4. Ftfk

    14/14 Mythic Cleared

    We are not going to sell mythic Garry kills. We only have 2 more lockouts to rotate guildies in.
  5. Ftfk

    14/14 Mythic Cleared

    I think our 10 man Klaxxi kill was a 10minute fight. We killed mythic in 5mins and some change. Garrosh strat is basically the same as you would if you pugged it, with the exception of phase 4.
  6. Ftfk

    14/14 Mythic Cleared

    We have had problems filling the raid. Even when it was a 10 man. Last week it was comprised by approx 15-20% casual or former raiders. Had to ask non raiders or people burnt out to fill in. This week I had to ask held, mort, and Varlash to come just so we could fill it out. I doubt we will have problems now
  7. Ftfk

    14/14 Mythic Cleared

    Yeah. It uploaded shitty for some reason
  8. Ftfk

    14/14 Mythic Cleared

    Congrats to everyone who contributed this tier.
  9. Ftfk

    State of the Raid

    Yeah. Ideally first week would be clear to and make attempts on siegecrafter. And then every week thereafter would be extending 10m lockout. I don't even think we would need our best dps to clear the instance, but we would need probably 13 people who are sound mechanically and a good assortment of raid CDs. Raid CD management (and buffs for that matter) are even more critical in 10m encounter and strats since there are less of them to go around. With attendance how it has been it is really tough to determine when this could take place. Really been either too few or too many lately.
  10. Fuck ya. Awesome job to everyone who has worked hard over the past month and thanks to our new members who did exceptional as well!
  11. Ftfk

    Core Raider Criteria

    Criteria being considered for Core Raider rank can be found at the following: http://www.atremains.com/forums/topic/2800-core-raider-criteria/
  12. Ftfk

    Heroic Nazgrim is Dead

    Expertly timed halo
  13. Ftfk

    Boss Wish List

    Hey. Want loot from a specific boss and want to be in raid for a chance to get it? Head over to the Dungeons & Raids forum to check out the new Boss Wish List. Register now for your dream boss today! http://www.atremains.com/forums/topic/2769-boss-wish-list/#entry12011
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