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  1. The Gumps are confirmed

    Fdragon is going to drive my car and the youngest Gump, and rooming with him. Almost like a super nerd family vacation.
  2. The Gumps are confirmed

    Booked rooms for the two of us, plus Gump's "mini-mes" are both attending this year, so they get their own room. Fdragon still needs to book his own seat, but I three set for the people living in my house. :-)
  3. ATRLAN Team Building - Looking for Admins & Volunteers

    Gump and I will have to wait and see on the date, but we'd love to help. We'll probably land in the volunteer group if we can make the date.
  4. ATR Gamers 2015 Gear - Now Available!

    I know I want a hoodie and a glass mug and I'm assuming Gump wants the same plus the plastic for the party. Let me know when you need sizes, etc.
  5. All Members

    Sounds great, can't think of anything to add.
  6. =U= Are Welcome Here!

    ..... (edit) if I end up in the back yard, drunk as a skunk, please just throw my sleeping bag over my corpse. We make sure you at least get a sleeping bag, or a tent, or my dog can snuggle with you... :-)
  7. =U= Are Welcome Here!

    Just wanted to say hello and welcome to all you guys. I'm excited to see our general idea of changing up the ATR WoW guild to an ATR Gamers group so that we can keep in contact with all our friends as interest in a specific game wans. It's only been a couple years since we first brought this up at a guild party, lol. Btw, I'm Gump's wife for those who are new.
  8. Rebel's Logic Post 12

    One suggestion, if you want people to read the strat first, you should post which strat you are planning on using on the forums ahead of time.... back in the day, that was one of my jobs in a former guild. I can tell you from experience, some people will read and some still won't, but at least the ones who care will be reading/ watching the same strat that the officers plan on using.
  9. Ragnaros Down!

    Congrats, guys! Great job on Rag.
  10. Geedub

    I think this is my fav Prydain pic... or the one in the field
  11. Geedub

    awww, did they sing happy birthday, too?
  12. Screenshots

  13. WoWScrnShot 040511 212855

    From the album Screenshots

  14. WoWScrnShot 040511 212530

    From the album Screenshots

  15. WoWScrnShot 040511 212133

    From the album Screenshots

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