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  1. I'll be at work all night long I won't be here for today, I should be here tomorrow though
  2. You are the other tank with papa, ward was merely replacing me during last nights raid because I'd rather dps than tank. He's basically a back up when you or papa can't make the raid. We want him back on his hunter.
  3. Trying to be home for 8! Sent from my SM-G930W8 using ATR Gamers mobile app
  4. About to go into a meeting. I may be 15-30min late depending on the fuss Sent from my SM-G930W8 using ATR Gamers mobile app
  5. No shout box on mobile app? Sent from my SM-G930W8 using ATR Gamers mobile app
  6. I'll be at a blue jays game tonight, but I'll be home tomorrow!
  7. Hey guys just giving you a heads up. I was in the ER a few days ago. Everything's ok now but a specialist wants to do a follow up with me this tuesday and the following tuesday. The appointment will be mid day so I won't be able to get to bed until 1-2pm those days. Hopefully I wake up on time for raid if not I may not log on until 8ish edit: actually crap next week 100% can't make it once I wake up I'll be going to watch The Who!
  8. Internet fixed... But my shift was changed to close until 11-12 at night to prepare for some vice president crap tomorrow But if all goes well I will be here tomorrow !
  9. sorry guys works been brutal the last week or so and is going to be a bitch for a bit. I might be able to make it late or leave early depending on the day, but just assume I won't be there
  10. hey guys I'll be a bit late tonight, i gotta see my girlfriend for a bit before she leaves for vacation. Should be home around 9ish. And sorry about last night got stuck in traffic. Big accident on the highway coming home took forever and once i got home i crashed
  11. sorry guys i work until 10pm on tuesday
  12. I have an exam tuesday night I might be about 30min late or so
  13. Hey guys I need to take care of a few things before raid I should be here by 8:30 9 the absolute latest
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