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  1. Ok I respect that. Thanks for the answer and for taking this to discussion. May be I can join you during summer time switch.
  2. Well without bash approval I won't take any actions until something is defined. Our group is going to try Uldir tonight at 9 pm server time. If you want to join with your alts I will be very happy you tag along, my character for BFA is 'Torina'. Maybe we can even talk a bit more on how we can make a Weekend raid, what are the issues and if we can solve them. I talk to Ansky yesterday and he mentioned some very valid points: - Alts and mains on the same raid. - Possible friction between raid groups based on progress. - Do we have enough people. I also have some concerns: - Me as organizer / kind of leader of the raid (I don't see myself as good on this but It was either trying this or pugging which is hell and me and my friends prefer not to raid rather than pugging). If Bash or someone else wants to be the one in charge that would be amazing but when I had this idea I didn't want to bother you. - If you decide to make a raid on weekends but they start early (before 9 pm) me and most of my friends will still not be able to raid together. I think we can figure this out talking a bit when you have time. I know there are issues to be addressed but there is a clear positive side of having an alternative on the weekends for people that cannot join early/weekdays, people wanting to raid with alts and people that could not get a spot that week on the main raid. I tried to rush things since I wanted to make it for this Friday but clearly this needs to be talked more. Maybe we can have a definitive answer until next Friday? If we can talk during this week.
  3. I'll be on TS tonight on a random channel if you wish to talk
  4. You can bring your alts no problem the experience you have raiding is way more valuable that plain ilvl and neck lvl. As long as its feasible to kill the bosses as a group everyone is welcome. But again this is my opinion. If you want to set up a weekend raid only for mains or something like that just tell me. The group of friends I have won't have an issue with that. We just want to raid together in a friendly environment. If you were talking about doing a raid on the weekends how can I help to make this happen? Can we do a test tomorrow? Just see how it goes? I really want to help here.
  5. Ok maybe the attendance thing is actually not a good idea. My whole idea is to have a friday and sunday raid a bit later at night. I talked to Neoblack he told me a lot has changed since I stopped raiding. I didn't know this. And the way he described the only difference in the rules i meant is actually just the time and day. If its better for the guild to be on server time it's fine for me but since I have to be with my family during the day i was hoping that it could be a couple of hours later. And extend it as long as people wish later on Friday. If you want the ownership of it it's also ok with me. Can help getting it started. I have a couple of friends wanting to raid on weekends. If you tell me that ATR will start this friday a raid from 9 pm server time me and my friends are in. They speak english they are good people. 2 tanks around 2 heals and some dps.
  6. Well as I said, the different rules are meant to be softer. More appealing to alts, people testing stuff or learning. The different time zone is actually 2 hours later where people like me that have 2 kids can actually fit in. Also its on a friday that allows to dedicate the night to raid without actually worrying about attendance. About the "core" players it's a list of people that normally come and want their spot on the raid because of their dedication. Everyone is welcome any day if there are spots available as long as they are willing to raid. I did thought of a new guild but then I thought when I stopped raiding with you was because I needed to dedicate a time I didn't have and had to prioritize my family. Not because I didn't like the guild or something I still wish I could raid with you but I simply can't. That's when I thought well maybe some would like a softer version of the atr raid. Maybe not, maybe I don't even get 10 people interested. But I was willing to try. And since I know I am using ATR resources for something I want to try I was also willing to contribute with what the guild's expenses. If you have issues with any of the rules or time we can talk so it's more appealing for ATR. If the issue is more of an emotional thing of you just don't want me to do it inside ATR I will also respect that. I was only trying to do this because I thought it wouldn't bother you. I definitely don't want to generate any level of discomfort on anyone.
  7. Just to be clear and to avoid conflicts with ATR plans, I want to do a weekend raid but with some slightly differences from the main raid rules. For example using south america local time instead of server time, Fridays will be mandatory 3 hours but who ever wants to stay up late the raid will continue until late at night. If you want a weekend raid for ATR with the exact same rules as the main and organized by you I don't mean to compete with you or force that my raid should be the only one or nothing of the sort. I want to form a completely independent group of raiding with special rules on the weekends were I welcome any ATR member that wishes to join. I will detail more of these rules in a future post. Also I commented to Mort that since I will be using resources from ATR it is fair to make a monthly donation to help. This was my idea. And finally I will organize the raid outside raid time, if someone with experience wishes to lead the raid during raid time totally welcome. Even if someone wants to seriously try and learn also welcome. At any point in time if you see an issue of any kind just talk to me I understand we are still under the ATR banner.
  8. Sorry for the clickbait. I just wanted attention. There is no legendary quest here. Why you even expect a legendary quest in a forum? Anyways. Hi I wanted to talk to an elder to discuss a nice proposal that maybe you like / allow. I wanted to make a secondary not-too-serious relaxed weekend raid group organized by... dun dun dun dunnnn... ME! I know since I want to do it officially inside ATR there are rules. Basically I wanted to talk to someone and discuss this. Maybe mort or bash. Then if you agree I'll make it official. Again sorry for the clickbait. Cabelockjr (I hope you remember me or this post would be so ackward)
  9. Hi I stepped up a little my damage. I have been reading a bit testing some stuff and of course F finally got a F legendary F item which made a lot of F difference. Still i don't feel in an optimal place I will continue improving.
  10. Magnets, how do they work? I still cant see nor find that magic % you talk about. How were why. I went into logs here and i opened my logs i see them but how do i get that % from that? i tried comparing but it didnt work. nothing came up after i clicked search. Please a friendly soul. I need to improve my dps since im falling behind on items.
  11. I raged at the internet provider so much an elite technician boss appeared to check connection worked as expected. I have double the interwebz now. The guy said that I was not even receiving what I was paying.
  12. Hi yesterday I didnt even have internet to post anything. Just whatsapp so I told Neo to let you know. Now my internet was "fixed and improved" so the provider said... I hope remains stable. It hurt not to go this week...
  13. im having internet issues and i called the provider but they said they have to change the i dunno what on the main router of the building so i have no internet and my phone internet is totally unreliable. i hope they fix it tomorrow. ill let u know.
  14. Well finally 110 suffering to get ilvl.... T_T not even 800 yet. Is my ilvl gonna appear automatically?
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