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  1. Mods?

    You want the responsibility of maintaining them after every update? lol
  2. Knocked out a 145 Bronto. Promptly pushed inside it by another dino. I've now been trapped inside the Bronto I am taming for 2 days... I hope it's worth it... lol Should get +71 out of 72 levels. Didn't know I was stuck in it and accidentally punched it so lost 1 level. *sniff*
  3. 100% imprinting confirmed. Penguin party!
  4. Will find out in a couple hours, but looks like Nanny allows 100% imprint
  5. Be careful not to deactivate the nanny... If you do, it fucks it all kinds of up
  6. So, I suggest storing your honey in my Nanny (found in penguin room). It keeps for 5 days. Only keeps for 1 day in fridge. @Smerffy @Chuck_Mawhinn3y @skulls Don't step on my future army =D.
  7. Thief!!

    My resources are missing as well. My assumption is @Mastric and his "Mass Storage" building he created. He transferred everyone's materials to that. Purposely or not... annoying.
  8. Wither massacre

    I was expecting a clip or something... As usual, make a vid! =D
  9. Fortnite meets PUBG!

    Why are you even in here, do you have the game?
  10. Apparently...I'm Dead...

    That's what you get for running @skulls.exe
  11. Just got game

    Everyone starts out a noob. Game is fun though. Be prepared to die, a lot. But don't give up lol
  12. Solo Car Fun

    Got all excited about what you might be doing with "solo car fun"
  13. Raffle

    Awesome and congrats!

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