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  1. I dialed and got a message from verizon that I don't have international dialing on my plan...
  2. Is it plugged in?
  3. I feel like now I need to binge on this show, has been a while.
  4. Appreciate the input so far. Definitely hoping some more people throw in their feedback!
  5. Battlefield Players, We've decided to discontinue our Battlefield 4 servers at this time. As a result of a decline in interest in the Battlefield series as a whole (Thanks to a crappy BF1 release by EA), lack of member interest in BF4, lack of Admin interest in BF4 and lack of financial support for BF4, we just no longer see the point in dumping money into those servers. We are very proud of what we accomplished with BF4. On May 13th, 2015 we brought up our first servers after uRock said they were shutting down and essentially kicked us out. We were told that the community wouldn't survive and there was no way we could get things started. However, ATR Gamers always succeeds on our endeavors. Our BF4 presence was strong and for over two years our community grew thanks to the BF4 following. The game brought us many new faces and talents. It also allowed what was once mostly a WoW only group to become something much more. I have no regrets over our history with BF4 and am certainly happy to have gained new friends like Skulls, Roombroom, Chuck, Real, Smith and OONicc. This community has so many great people and is involved with so many different games I have no doubt that ATR Gamers will continue to thrive even if older games like BF4 drop off our map. It is our hope that any members that played primarily only BF4 look at any of the numerous other games our members play and jump on in. Our Playerunknown Battlegrounds group has been rapidly expanding. We have a fair number that play Overwatch and Minecraft. There is of course always World of Warcraft if you want to sell your soul. =D We are also on the lookout for new games. Destiny 2 has certainly been talked about a fair amount, and we also look at smaller more... weird games like Factorio. If you have any suggestions on other multiplayer games you'd like to see our community more involved with, speak up! If you're one of those members that disconnects from our TS to join another group's server to play a game we aren't playing, speak up! We want to know what those games are and to get more people involved with them. To all of our members, we thank you for your continued support, friendship and shenanigans. I am certainly proud of ATR Gamers and look forward to seeing you all in one game or another soon! HappyUnholy Nick
  6. BF1 has finally allowed platoons to be created. All ATR members that have BF1 should connect to BF1, on the left hand side there is a new symbol for "Platoons (BETA)". Click it, Find a Platoon and enter ATR Gamers Then just apply to join that platoon and I will add you! This will give you a prefix of "ATR" just like in BF4. Love, Happy
  7. It is creative mode if you didn't know. Just saying, be cool to see what you come up with.
  8. True it does take over a week to install minecraft... lol
  9. You have a week! Surely you can build something. Take a break from ark lol
  10. This is from last year... But yes looking at getting one.
  11. ATRLAN Is @Fdragongoing? He hadn't really told me lol. I'm going to be in Jersey the week leading up to LAN so I cannot give him a lift. He'll have to make the long and perilous journey on his own.
  12. If someone needs a place to crash I should have floor space for at least one. But I do not plan on having 10 people in my room. So if you want to, ask and I'll let you know.
  13. Hotel booked and paid Thursday 3/30-Monday 4/3. I'll be leaving early on Thursday from Columbus, OH. Probably around 8am or before. Returning late Monday night, early AM hours Tuesday depending. So far I have no confirmed passengers. One confirmed guest who has called dibs on pull out couch. That person being @Janzstone
  14. lols apparently he didn't learn back in October. Swearing is fine, racist or homophobic language isn't. If you don't know the difference, probably best you play elsewhere anyway.
  15. I hope you can handle all these suggestions you're getting.

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