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  1. Password: atrgamers So far mostly me fucking around.
  2. No interrupting my MC addiction this month. =D
  3. So I have the Tier 7 energy core online and charging. That's over 2 trillion RF. If you don't want to worry about energy production and just want a steady supply of 20k-30k/tick or more you can plug in with RF Tools power cells. I can craft them or you can bring them to me. You need two. one to place on my xnet power network, then one for at your base. This gives you the full bandwidth of that Powercell link. Let me know. If you are generating some power, and would like to also contribute to the network while using it, I can provide a powercell for you to add power. @Smerffy @Mythosaur @The_Real_1hit @skulls @Chuck_Mawhinn3y @Mastric @Nerita @Gromn
  4. You want the responsibility of maintaining them after every update? lol
  5. Knocked out a 145 Bronto. Promptly pushed inside it by another dino. I've now been trapped inside the Bronto I am taming for 2 days... I hope it's worth it... lol Should get +71 out of 72 levels. Didn't know I was stuck in it and accidentally punched it so lost 1 level. *sniff*
  6. Will find out in a couple hours, but looks like Nanny allows 100% imprint
  7. Be careful not to deactivate the nanny... If you do, it fucks it all kinds of up
  8. So, I suggest storing your honey in my Nanny (found in penguin room). It keeps for 5 days. Only keeps for 1 day in fridge. @Smerffy @Chuck_Mawhinn3y @skulls Don't step on my future army =D.
  9. My resources are missing as well. My assumption is @Mastric and his "Mass Storage" building he created. He transferred everyone's materials to that. Purposely or not... annoying.
  10. I was expecting a clip or something... As usual, make a vid! =D
  11. Why are you even in here, do you have the game?
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