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  1. If you have any interest in participating in the Core RBG group please respond to this thread. What I must know: 1. Name of your toon 2. What class and spec you play 3. The availability of your participation. (a.k.a , What days of the week are you available) 4. Previous Experience in Arena or Rated Battleground's The days and times the group will run is not set yet. It will be determined based upon the groups availability. I would like to run Monday and Tuesday. With a possible day on Thursday. A casual Group will also be going on Sunday nights.
  2. Hello everyone, The Current Arena and RBG Season 14 will end Tuesday February, 18th. In anticipation for the upcoming Arena and RBG Season 15, ATR will ascertain a new core RBG group. A thread will be posted and anyone who is interested in participating must sign up. Please sign up. If you do not sign up, we will have no clue of your interest and more than likely will not be included in the new group. Season 15 is supposed to begin February 25th. That gives everyone a little less than 2 weeks to post and for the group to be formed. Requirements for RBG's: 1. Must have Skype. Skype is the only Voice communication that will be used. If you do not have Skype, visit their website and download it www.skype.com. 2. Battleground Targets. Battleground Targets is an add-on that is extremely useful in RBGS. It can be downloaded threw the Curse client. If you do not have curse visit, www.curse.com and download it. 3. Familiarity in PVP This core group is not for casual or new PVP players. ATR wants good experienced players who know their class, participate in RBG's and Arena's regularly, and absolutely enjoy PVP. 4. Have fun. We all play wow to have fun. Drama will not be tolerated! If you cannot get along with other's, then this group is not for you. 5. Attendance Attendance and participation will be key with this group. Attendance will be taken and those who consistently don't show will be removed from the group. For a good 2200 RBG team consistency is a must.
  3. Kallikk

    Site Updates 9/25/13

    Yes a sub forum for the RBG group would be nice. It will be less clutter. No I do not really know how to create said fourms. I basically know how to create a topic and re-post. I will have to get with you mastric and have you show me how to do what I need. So, I will not have to go threw you every time I need something done. I will be posting all types of helpful stuff in the near future for anyone interested in pvp. Such as classes info, reforging, gemming, speccing. All that good stuff, so it would be nice to have a sub-forum for that and the RBG if possible. This way people can post whatever info they have that would be helpful to others and have it not be cluttered with the rest of the stuff.
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