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  1. fighting the burning legion one expansion ahead of everyone else.....
  2. cant post in news mastric needs to move
  3. Here's a post I never thought I would make but I owe it to a lot of you guys. I'll start with the reason I originally came to All That Rem back in the day I didn't come for a raid spot I came to enjoy the game I loved playing with some friends after my current guild had fallen apart I was looking for a guild to call home both myself and pikachu were. So I joined eventually we both became part of the raid team and it was quite enjoyable the people were like family and some of my closest friends in wow were developed in this guild and I would make that choice again in a heartbeat and there is no amount of thanks I could give to some of you to repay how truly grateful I am for you and all you do and for this wonderful experience. Now with that being said I have not been enjoying the guilds atmosphere as of late and how some members get treated and the lack of communication from many of the officers and attitude towards some of our raiders or raiders in general. As you all know I stepped down from raiding due to this I was tired of the arguing the favouritism and the elitist attitude established towards some members. This not only goes along the lines as ie picking on members this verbal warning system that does not work in the slightest and has so many exceptions in place for certain people who are friends or ie clicks or the people who still show up unenchated week and week again. Now it also works the complete other way with the same people being left to crash and burn on a daily basis. Now I understand at the end of the day each officer (or so I would like to think) has a lot on his plate but the sheer lack of communication and stubborness in listening isn't only stressing me out but many of our current raiders who I talk to or feel like they can't come to you in terms of being listened to. This not only causes much yelling in team speak and disuption during raid but very much hostile attitudes. Yes people should be sat or disiplined for underperforming or not showing up prepared or even giving attitude towards another member but certain people should not be exempt from this rule and the people who are currently sitting for whatever reason should be talked to as a person and told if they should go do something else and not promised to come back in only to be ignored until the end of raid. When I was officer I realized that sure I had to look at how the raid was benifeting as a whole and what the best terms of action was but I would also listen to many of our players on a player by player base and value their input which is not the case anymore with people being closed minded and avoiding situations. I have brought this up to 3 different officers over the past few weeks and with each one that listens they do so to shut me up and nothing gets resolved hence why I continue to get frustrated. At this current point in time I can say I don't see things improving and people just burning out for this said reason and the raid as a whole becoming farther and farther away from what we should be a family. It's at this point I can say I miss many of my old officers and the amount they work they did and I hope during the time I could I did half of what they did. With all this being said I'm off to join my friends In paradise not for a raid spot but to enjoy the game and play with friends again now I'm sure I'll play with many of you all the time but at this point I would rather be elsewhere and will no longer be a part of atr I wish you wish you the best of luck killing the internet dragons in the future but for now I feel as there are to many issues. Thanks again for everything you guys and it was amazing playing with you and seeing how some of you improved and taught myself and others things over the years <3. I am truly grateful. Ps All hail the tyrant
  4. ^^ people have been even more negative and inconsiderate lately hence why I could care less to raid anymore. It's not fun when one person is constantly the target and its so used to by the others that it goes unignored. Honestly that goes for a lot of people. It's just people aren't put in there place and feelings are very hard to consider anymore. And it isn't the officers job to tend to all this far from it because they can't keep everyone happy but they also should avoid it themselves and consider each player on a player by player basis and make sure things are all right if something that could result in this happens and it would probaly make the raid alot more enjoyable instead of so many warnings and verbals that really do nothing in the long run
  5. Be around at my usual time both days due to work 8-830 depending how long it takes to get home on the bright side tho this should be my last week of this!
  6. I work again until 8 tonight so earliest is 8:30 I hate my life
  7. Heldarram

    14/14 Mythic Cleared

    I just picture the kanye west interrupt off the way you started that post
  8. So i left only cause I have to much going on personally in life at the moment atr = home don't whisper bash he yells at me over it may come back in future don't worry guild still love you all fearless raid leader i shall still lurk in ts just don't want to be tempted to come back at the moment. Ps as I type this bash yells at me over people whispering his tyrant rule will never end.
  9. 30 mins late .... hour later still not here
  10. trolled why top post though before necro?
  11. everything seems to be here?
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