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  1. This week and the past couple, i've been training for a second job. I'm pretty much done with the training and should be back raiding next week.
  2. I won't be online for raid tonight, my little sister is graduating from high school and apparently i'm not allowed to miss it.
  3. Should be able to raid tomorrow (wed)
  4. I won't be online tonight or tomorrow and same next week due to some overnight training.
  5. I won't be able to raid on the 19th or 20th, i'm being sent out of town for 3 days of training
  6. Back in my day (4 years ago) we had exams at 730/800 am instead....
  7. Not an exam at 7:00 pm? Seems to be the trend
  8. Does this "fluids" exam include alcoholic fluids?
  9. Can't wait to see that amazingly clean heroic feng kill!
  10. Not acceptable deft! :-P If you need any help I'm sure we can create a guild tutoring service.
  11. This week I will not be online. Service electric won't be out till Saturday to hook up my internet. After seeing their prices I can't believe how much I wish comcast was in my area.
  12. Well I should be on tonight. But not tomorrow, I'm working on wrapping things up before insert my new job on the 31st . then no more travel for work
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