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  1. Remember that you can reduce some raid damage by interrupting the eye when they squat down (You can't see a cast bar).
  2. We ignore adds as well. I think we only get 3 black phases in total. The last ball we just keep bouncing because its a lot easier than going into black phase again (even though you lose the extra dmg from the extra stacks from the debuff)
  3. You can start really close to the hagara (while paying attention ice waves doesnt hit you). From there you get knocked back a few yards. That's what I do and I basically don't have to move at all.
  4. You don't want too many range stacking inside the bubble, And you want at least 4 cds rotating, even more if you can afford it without gimping yourself in Lightning Phase. You can put ele shamans outside as well (They can't multi dot anyways)
  5. Top parses tell you very little about the spec. #200 is where you can get the best observation.
  6. It's the timing. At that point your cds will be coming up. If you are using it on the 1st one most won't have their cds up. So you should save it for the 2nd or 3rd. On the 3rd the 5min cds come back up so it works nicely. forgot to mention that she will be in execute range for the 3rd feedback
  7. You should lust on the 3rd Feedback
  8. We can still do 6/7 H for the quest
  9. Thursday won't work for me, but Monday sounds good. I can heal that fight, since I want to do 6/7H for my staff anyways.
  10. Ya I use 2pc t12 for the SS dot. It equates to around ~5%.
  11. Ya, I do around ~24k dps on 10m without every single buffs.
  12. I keep a set that puts me at 8% hit, and ~50 exp. That's the gearset I use for all farm bosses to push dps higher, just for fun.
  13. You won't believe the amount of bad dps you will find in LFR. Yesterday I was doing it and we met the enrage timer. I was tanking and ended up #2 doing 27k dps =(
  14. By the way you worded it makes me think that you think that mana void keeps sucking mana for the time its alive. It sucks mana only for the few seconds Yorsahj is channeling. Healers will only have to use their mana cd once for the mana void, every time after its a plus. Makes managing mana faceroll.
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