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  1. Ya, I do around ~24k dps on 10m without every single buffs.
  2. You won't believe the amount of bad dps you will find in LFR. Yesterday I was doing it and we met the enrage timer. I was tanking and ended up #2 doing 27k dps =(
  3. just the skyrim pic seemed out of place
  4. Theanarch finally got his Legendary Staff, congrats to him. PS. Wilistari got his staff 2 weeks ago but forgot to take screenshots.
  5. Purple Phoenix, that is what 9 of our raiders got (sorry Iaxeyou, you will get your some time later). Now off to endless wipes to Heroic Ragnaros.
  6. Congratulations to Theanarch for completing the first stage towards Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest. We are waiting for Wilistari to complete his quest. The 10 man downed Heroic Shannox the same day. Good job so far! Fraps:
  7. Prydain

    Ragnaros Down!

    Fraps: http://www.atremains...-team-big-kids/ WoL: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-jyr01e7zbfmwptfo/
  8. Prydain

    5/7 Firelands

    As always Bosen has a broken heart and is crying in the corner because bozack beat him in dps again. Good job on everyone in the 10 man to achieve 5/7 as well as the 25 man in downing Shannox. No fraps for any fight because Bash is too lazy to fraps any attempts, even the farm bosses that we one-shot.
  9. I just felt like the front page needed a new screenshot so here is from our first Heroic Maloriak kill displaying our awesome title. And yes I shamelessly stole Unholy's screenshot.
  10. Prydain

    Heroic Maloriak

    Prydain, Slayer of the tl;dr
  11. Prydain

    Rebel is...

    I knew rebel was into sweaty shirtless guys, just listen to the way he talks
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