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  1. I too am throwing in the towel and will not be raiding with ATR at this time. Between dealing with real life issues and certain event i've lost sight of this being a game and have looked at it more like a job. There is a good chance I will find another raid team but who knows. I'll still be around just not when i'm playing dota There are no good byes to be found here cause you can't get rid of my that easily! Andy
  2. I'm going to comic con and leaving Thursday so i'm not going to be here.
  3. I know we've talked about this else were but i still feel differently about this. It's obvious that we're going to lose someone if not multiple people either way we go. But this isn't something we can decide until we get closer to xpac launches cause anyones schedule could change. We need to bring this up during our first back to raid meeting and have some type of vote. My main reason for wanting to take up the tank position was 1. I didn't think bash wanted to tank but i was wrong 2. i've had really good attendance during the entire last xpac 3. I press buttons and do stuff
  4. Bash and I are both trying to play what ever the raid team needs. If it makes you feel any better summa if i do go healer there is a good chance i'll be going druid
  5. Now that i'm back to healer i have to go with shaman the master class. But on a serious note pallys and warriors get some awesome weapons!
  6. With the amount of views that video has i'm surprised they found it.
  7. I didn't realize it until the fixed the issue and started kicking us again
  8. More time to play overwatch and oculus rift games
  9. I would pick Intel over PNY any day. When it comes to SSDs you install it the same way as a normal HD. Also when it comes time to install let me know i'd be happy to help. If i can walk Mokou through building an entire PC without getting mad i'm sure i can help you Also this would be a solid buy http://www.bestbuy.com/site/sandisk-ssd-plus-240gb-internal-serial-ata-solid-state-drive-black/3075012.p?id=1219570102967&skuId=3075012
  10. No i mean our lord and savior Trump
  11. Voting is very important i don't blame you one bit. This goes for everyone if you don't vote you lose the right to bitch about Trump/Hildog/Bernie!!
  12. Why not spin up a second Ark server. Keep the one we have now how it currently is and you can mod the hell out of second one.
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