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  1. Hello again friends it's your friendly neighborhood electric rat at it again! For those who are new or have never done this before, I run an annual secret Santa within the guild. Be you from World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Or beyond there is something for you! Past years we have seen everything from Gift-cards to Headphones. Post below if you are interested in participating and i will hand out names on Tuesday December 4th. If you need addresses or anything for your giftee let me know! Happy Holidays ATR!
  2. Goodnight sweet prince i will sing songs of the fiery glory that you bestowed upon my life.
  3. To any of the BF4 members who feel intimidated about socializing and playing other games with other people don't. We have loads of members who just come in teamspeak to hangout now and we are always looking for new friends. Don't be afraid to pop into other channels and say hi you may find a great new group of folks to play with and exiting new games to try.
  4. why dont you party on friday like normal human beings
  5. if by no difference you mean crashing 5 times a day then yea its all good
  6. Honestly jesseh this post is surprising coming from you after being in this guild so long. You know it takes us a long as time to go through fights that are very reliant on individual accountability. I don't think we have even a quarter of the wipes on this boss as we did on Malkorok and we still pushed through that. This is a guild full of casual raiders. Yes some people put a lot more effort into their characters then others but at the end of the day we still raid 7 hours a week and thats as casual as it gets. I understand its frustrating seeing 20 wipes to the exact same mechanic that should be simple to see but thats just how this guild works. We have people with all kinds of skill and learning levels and just like malkorok when a mechanic you could get away with in normal oneshots you in heroic it takes some time to relearn it. Its been that way with this guild for years and no amount of complaining is going to fix that. There just simply is not the player base interested in wow or our guild to build a full mythic team of mythic raiders and it is not this guilds philosophy to do so.
  7. Taking off today for obvious reasons maybe coming tomorrow im not sure yet
  8. fuck brf we mainly need healers then we can slay dragons
  9. My rogue is not aweful and hungry for raids set a time and ill be there
  10. Before tomorrow comes we should decide what our plan is going to be heading on into hfc Do we start normal/hc? If normal how far in do we go till we do heroic? With the tiered ilvls it changes how we progress through the instance alot Normal mode starts at ilvl 690 gear scaling up to 705 (from archimonde) Heroic gear starts at 705 scaling up to 720 Weapons/trinkets along with tier having different item levels really shakes up what our plan is DISCUSS BOYS
  11. Quick restarts are actually fine. In missions where you kill npcs or the helicoptors blow up but you live are fine its only player deaths that cancel the reward
  12. Just pre ordered today ATR THUG LIFE CONFIRMED
  13. The Great American Trailer Park Musical that sounds like a real winner
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