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  1. Hello again friends it's your friendly neighborhood electric rat at it again! For those who are new or have never done this before, I run an annual secret Santa within the guild. Be you from World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Or beyond there is something for you! Past years we have seen everything from Gift-cards to Headphones. Post below if you are interested in participating and i will hand out names on Tuesday December 4th. If you need addresses or anything for your giftee let me know! Happy Holidays ATR!
  2. To any of the BF4 members who feel intimidated about socializing and playing other games with other people don't. We have loads of members who just come in teamspeak to hangout now and we are always looking for new friends. Don't be afraid to pop into other channels and say hi you may find a great new group of folks to play with and exiting new games to try.
  3. if by no difference you mean crashing 5 times a day then yea its all good
  4. Quick restarts are actually fine. In missions where you kill npcs or the helicoptors blow up but you live are fine its only player deaths that cancel the reward
  5. Just pre ordered today ATR THUG LIFE CONFIRMED
  6. Pìkachu

    14/14 Mythic Cleared

    take a wild fucking guess
  7. Posted 27 August 2009 - 11:16 AM hello?
  8. you guys dont even need me i love you all gj team
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