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  1. Unfortunately I start school again on Jan 21st and have to take 4 harder classes Advanced chem/calculus/ biology/ sociology and don't think I will be able to study well and raid at the same time. I wanted to warn you well ahead of time so you may find a replacement for me. I will still be playing here and there but don't want to worry about having to be there for raids if I have studying to do. I enjoyed raiding with you all and hope to stay around in the guild if you all don't decide to throw me away.
  2. No they had to carry me since your not here to keep me inline =p
  3. unacceptable you can not ditch me like that I need my thunder buddy
  4. I can not make the raid on dec 5th because its close to finals week and there's an extra class that night to do extra reviews. We all know how much help I need in chemistry so I must attend this class and it doesn't get out until almost 9 pm server time so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thunder is always carrying me anyways so you'll be fine=P
  5. gonna try dong lfr a few times see if I can up things better I switched to Holy avenger see if it helps.
  6. I couldn't read it because the pages were stuck together after you gave it to me. So who was the one who was actually reading it. =P
  7. He Can't go then id be lonely little holy pally I like my holy buddy lol even if he does still my gear or make me pay outrageous dkp
  8. id go if im on but never know when im on for sure
  9. All my chars are 85+ except a monk in which I dont think will be 80 that soon=/
  10. I hope to be raid ready by the end of the week
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