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  1. looking for casual pvp partner for 2's and possibly 3's if enough people are interested. i play a resto shaman or arms warrior. i know alot of people here dont pvp much but if your looking to try it out let me know i havnt played much arena this expansion but usually always had experience at between 2k-2.2k, but again not looking for any serious play just want to play some arenas and looking for a casual pvp partner thats not to serious about it.
  2. i wouldn't mind running on my shaman or warrior, not sure what type of gear you need both of my chars are 905ish ilvl, im pretty confident i can heal it, as far as dps i just started back up on my warrior so not sure what kind of numbers a dps should be putting, i think generally doing 900k on single target is about what i do so if that's enough i wouldn't mind going if there is room. been trying to do stuff with guild as i just came back recently but generally get no responses from people lol
  3. let me know if it ever happens im always up for it ill be on Debrina, Mantra, or Cahyn
  4. looks pretty sweet cant wait to get it the shaman set looks good
  5. not raiding but if people need a healer for mythics i can help out im usually yon debrina think my ilvl is 845 right now just let me know i can heal, deftonia also has a warrior that can tank(Milkmegently) i think shes at 840 ilvl so just let me know i just don't like doing the actual setting up of the groups but i don't mind going and helping lol
  6. been enjoying my holy pallies, looks like it will be fun with a 2 hander in legion
  7. heals do feel weaker all around, i know on my shaman doing mythics deft tanks and in the past we could chain pull it like crazy and pull a few groups at a time now it is a bit tougher as it takes more heals to top her off then before the patch, but still not terribly difficult. but ive only really tried resto shaman for pve and holy pally for pvp at lvl 100 so not sure about the other healers
  8. yeah i cant really do much as far as raiding but as far as doing more outside raids I'm always up for pvp so if anyone ever wants to pvp let me know and ill be there, be it world pvp arenas, or bg's can play pretty much any class to decent lvls (2100ish rating arenas), (dont mind helping people who aren't as pvp oriented as well to get a little better at it) also would be up for challenge modes and such as well, just pvp is my favorite to participate in
  9. yeah it has crossed my mind to give it a try again but just don't think i would be able to make it consistently i get off work at 7 server time(5 my time) if everything goes perfect and im not working on stuff before the days over and i would get home right around raid start time again if everything went perfect and i got out the door right at 7 lol. i think when i raided last it started at 8 server time and i think sometimes i was barely getting in before the raid started having deft log my char in and get it to the raid for me lol
  10. ah didn't see it was more specific to just raiding lol, i jumped later in the thread. don't think i would really be able to make it to raids consistently but just out of curiosity what are the raid days and times?
  11. im going with arms warrior been trying it on beta and now with new patch and seems like fun with overpower and slam back, the RNG on collosus smash refresh can be annoying at times but i some of the artifact weapon talents should help that at 110
  12. heather was tanking on the beta with a warrior and demon hunter she said they both seemed pretty fun so far, demon hunters seem to have a lot of pretty cool stuff to use
  13. been playing my resto shaman and so far it seems pretty good at least in pve have yet to try pvp but me and deft have been running dungeons and the main thing that feels weird to me is no earth shield/water shield i find myself pressing it sometimes out of muscle memory and its not there lol
  14. i actually played my arms warrior on the Beta and so far i actually like it, i admit there are times when collosus smash rng on reset seems to take forever but at least so far for the most part collosus smash seems to be up more often than it was pre legion patch lol and now you have the option of spells other than just pooling rage and waiting on MS to come off CD lol granted i do kinda miss sudden death but that was also an annoying RNG component in the current arms warrior thats gone since pre legion patch you did great dmg with alot of sudden death procs and crap damage if you were unlucky with sudden death procs. so overall i actually enjoy arms at the moment
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