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  1. Hey guys, I heard there was a Canada contingent coming this year to the Guild Party. I don't know the details, but it would be cool to head to Boston if possible and we can share a ride. Mastric and I have carpooled from Albany to Buffalo for the past 4 years. If there are enough people, we can get a van from Boston to Albany to Buffalo. I am sure that a lot of people might not know me, but I am sure that most of the guild can vouch for me. I am not a rapist or anything. I gave that up when I became a terrorist. Comment on here if you plan to drive to Buffalo along the east coast,
  2. My mom is coming back from India after 6 months. I gotta pick her up from the airport in the evening. Probably won't be online at all.
  3. Cool, thanks for letting us know.
  4. I am stealing all of your arrows while you are gone!
  5. A little while back, I also stepped away for a bit due to school. I understand how tough it can be. We wish you all the luck and definitely look forward to hanging out with you in game when you are available. We will obviously keep you in the guild, but probably demote Mantra to "Glitterstim thinks you suck" rank just on principle.
  6. That is just how good mantra is at hiding dead hookers, he drives hundreds of miles just to find some woods to bury them. I found it funny how Mantra gave me one of those books immediately when I gave it to Deft. The three of us think too much alike.
  7. Well, it is Friday and I am hungover from a Business Conference after-party. Perfect time for another Rebel’s Logic Post. I am going to keep this brief...haha, almost had you there. Blackouts, slutty nurse costumes, and some bitch named Sandy, yes this has been a rough raid week. A lot of people were very inconvenienced by the hurricane which was immediately followed by Halloween. People lost power and we had some of the worst RNG luck on Tuesday night. Now, I am not saying we didn’t make some silly mistakes, we did, however, it almost seemed like despite the entire world not wanting us to
  8. Regarding the iron-man timer, yesterday we had about 90% of our raid in the group when we started it. I remember it being around 7:38 when it was started. Most of the remaining 10% of the raid had told us they either would not here, or would be on later than 8. As far as people who got in the group before 8PM and complained about not getting the ironman bonus after being told it went off already, I think it was no one. So, yes, it was an arbitrary decision made by the officers, but it was a founded decision balancing rewarding those who came early a little more for coming on before 8PM and kno
  9. Hey, while talking with you yesterday Sazda, I admitted we officers are human and make mistakes. Well, I guess Snugg was the first to post that. Sazda, thanks for acknowledging our effort to listen and adapt. I also appreciate the help you give to other guildies. I just want to point out that every time the phrase "bottom line" was used in this thread, it got resulted in an additional comment. So, I will be careful not to end with that phrase.
  10. I want to hear more about whispers to fellow raiders that include, "Grats on that piece man!" or "You deserve it!" or "Rebel, stop being dead and accept this rez!" The point is, let's spend more time appreciating when others get loot, rather than worrying about loot for yourself too much. We will all get loot at an overall average price. I always feel good when others get loot, except for Ghost, fuck that guy.
  11. Almost any loot system we implement will even its self out in the long run. Everyone wants the same things: A) To get loot Not to pay too much for loot. If someone spends a lot on one piece of loot, their fellow raiders who need the same type of pieces will get a few more pieces over the next week for a little less DKP knowing that the first raider doesn't have much. The following week, the original raider won't have to spend much on the same upgrades because he knows that the other raiders already have the pieces. On a longer timeline, people will all get loot and basically pay the same a
  12. In our 10M, the tanks developed a great strategy of switching between the boss between each add phase. This made it so the tank stacks reset more often and they weren't getting trucked. Also, this made sure that our better geared tank (Hauclir in our case) stayed on the boss more often and our other tank always ended up getting the add making it easier to predict damage etc. For the 6 "walls" we had our raid spread into 2 groups on opposite sides of the room and DPS opposing walls to get em down faster. We did it in such a way that both groups ended the phase in the same spot so adds could
  13. I will be online in about an hour or so. I can talk to you tonight Lyshani. We want to do whatever we can to make sure your group has a successful run. After your roster is all set, we will promote you guys to raider rank (I think I covered most people already). For any new guy you recruit, bring him in for a week or two and if you think he has earned the raider rank, we will act accordingly. Also, we might bump you to a recruiter rank or something so you can invite someone if we are not online, I will talk to Gump about the details of that. Anything else you need, we can talk about it when
  14. That sucks. Oh well, I guess the goal now turns to seeing how many people are available to do a 25M on Sundays going forward. This should be a slow process and shouldn't include forcing anyone who doesn't want to be there. It requires around 30-35 consistent raiders to maintain the third day. We got a couple people back recently, but they still have to gear and all. Maybe we can do a rotating system where people who have gotten a lot of gear automatically take a day off on Tuesdays which not only gives them a day off, but also gives other raiders a chance to get some loot as well. Again, these
  15. I would have made more videos but work got in the way I will get on it.
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