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  1. So I won't be dying with you. Glitter Btw, who sent my list of possible baby names to a s.f. newsroom?
  2. surprisingly, my wife expected me to have something planned for our anniversary tonight, so I have to go do stuff. Hopefully it'll be awesome enough to allow me to raid for a couple more weeks, but I only have a card. she never wants to celebrate anything. I don't know what's going on. ugh
  3. I won't be able to raid tues the 7th. I know I've been filling in, and it's worth the cold shoulders I get around here, because I'd get them anyway. However, I have to go to an open house at a new middle school, and it should prove to be awful, like any event where there are other parents of school children. I'm convince that the children are much better than their parents. I mean, if we took all the good kids from stupid parents, there would be many more better people in the world... don't give them to me, though, because I'm one of the bad ones. I digress, I'll try to be on Wed for fun and death. glitterdad
  4. guys, I don't think I can go on Thursdays... for some reason I was thinking it was going to be Tues/ wed , until last night . I won't get home til probably 11 server those nights. Maybe some dps out there can only go on thurs and not weds, otherwise I guess I'll have to be an eternal alternate for all raids. ugh also, why do i have a zetbit.com tag . why does everything have to be so awful
  5. Yacoub is waiting for a chance to capture the elusive Appalachian Coal Drake
  6. Glitterstim

    centaur rug.jpg

    it's a centaur skin rug
  7. I thought Aaylah went back to Michigan. just wear one of your Bboy hats Rebel. I know you have like an oversized furry beret or something. skull cap. a mesh-backed trucker cap with a horde insignia.
  8. yacoub doesn't yell, his voice is eerily soft and calm, especially over the phone when he calls in bomb threats. good job rebel. isn't your other business like in entertainment and parties? I expect more sketch comedy and dance numbers next time or maybe stop motion animation with lego clone troopers
  9. I just noticed that my wife is in a deep sleep. Really she seems dead, so I"m going to drink some poison, and die a tragic death in honor of your beautiful take on Shakespeare. and Perenelle, I agree with objecting to brotherhood. Many a female has tried to keep me alive... I even got Postmodern killed along with me one night, just to prove that I will die with any sex, class, or race.
  10. This should be self explanatory and don't click on the pictures, as for some reason they are life size when opened.
  11. So I probably won't be on for a while. I just got out of the hospital again, and I think they took pieces of my lung with them. whether it was necessary, or like a serial killer's collectible to remember the event, I don't know. So, I was out a week, and it looks like it'll be longer, because this is starting to not feel good as I type. See , it's a good thing I didn't plan on going this weekend, as I would be stuck here anyway. I may go back in the hospital, as it was very peaceful in comparison to the romper room that my house apparently is. Plus, my wife doesn't respond to the call button like a nurse does. Have fun this weekend oh yeah, can somebody send huntinglamp a tell for me . he's my pvp partner, prob thought i just quit glitter
  12. Now it just got weird for me, because I was born assholeless. Great, just great.
  13. For the record, I logged on and flasked just to read this. I demand some stuff, but I can't think of any of them. Good job , Rebel. When you sit for me in your 10-man, the dps will go up. : D
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