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  1. Glitterstim

    centaur rug.jpg

    it's a centaur skin rug
  2. I thought Aaylah went back to Michigan. just wear one of your Bboy hats Rebel. I know you have like an oversized furry beret or something. skull cap. a mesh-backed trucker cap with a horde insignia.
  3. yacoub doesn't yell, his voice is eerily soft and calm, especially over the phone when he calls in bomb threats. good job rebel. isn't your other business like in entertainment and parties? I expect more sketch comedy and dance numbers next time or maybe stop motion animation with lego clone troopers
  4. I just noticed that my wife is in a deep sleep. Really she seems dead, so I"m going to drink some poison, and die a tragic death in honor of your beautiful take on Shakespeare. and Perenelle, I agree with objecting to brotherhood. Many a female has tried to keep me alive... I even got Postmodern killed along with me one night, just to prove that I will die with any sex, class, or race.
  5. For the record, I logged on and flasked just to read this. I demand some stuff, but I can't think of any of them. Good job , Rebel. When you sit for me in your 10-man, the dps will go up. : D
  6. I want to play more..... waaaaa

  7. lol, that's kind of a smile he got

  8. You seem to be getting younger. What are you, the BollyWood Benjamin Button?

  9. You are a lot more bird-like than I pictured.

  10. aaylah it's ok. a shot will get rid of most things
  11. You can't read it, but Iaxeyou had a death by water - walk during this ( on request by Ruffpally)
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