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  1. First Solo Win

    Congrats on the first solo and nice kill count!
  2. Sugah with the 3!

    Nice job!
  3. Solo Chicken

    First solo of the day today.
  4. Squad Chicken

    cool0ne, Blacklaw, Little Gremlin and myself between me and Grim we killed 3 full squads.
  5. That was fucking beautiful!
  6. Chicken dinner with Gremlin, Black and Goonies
  7. Hmm too high to get the full-sized picture as well it seems.
  8. Oh wow that's certainly some strict requirements. I wonder if they'll find enough to fill what they are looking for.
  9. https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/partners.pu That's the page that talks about partnerships. ATR would need to make sure there's a twitch/youtube streaming presence in place for the application.
  10. Random Pictures

    Here are the new destructible cabins that were added into the game during the June update. Inside cabin I found a red dot and ammo and one grenade was enough to turn it into splinters.
  11. Solo Chicken

    First chicken dinner in a week for me and on my first match with the new update. Game is running smooth and I'm liking some of the changes.
  12. Random Pictures

    During a match the other night I drove over 3 guys killing them and had a body that wanted to tag along in our window.

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