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  1. My fist solo chicken dinner on the AS server. Had a nice setup where circle closed all on me and I just got to knock them down as they came.
  2. Pssh I'm the one who told you haha
  3. First solo chicken dinner! Was able to land at George containers and it be in the first circle. Got a M416 with a silencer and 2x and lots and lots of ammo. Then the circle shrank toward the fields south-east of water town and I got up on the big hill and just waited. I killed a guy with a gillie suit when he walked past me and from there it was game over lol. Circle shrank right next to me the rest of the time and I just took people out as they came. For the very last circle I had to run down the hill and was able to drop prone and killed the last guy as he was crawling toward the circle.

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