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  1. I suppose this is better than starting a new thread, but there has been a lot of hard server lag as of late, which makes playing very difficult. Not sure if it's the server package, the host, or something else, but it is a problem.
  2. Thank you. Not that this'll stop people from cry foul when I hit their slow, low-flying chopper with a TOW missile. Oh well.
  3. I suppose bumping this doesn't really speed things along. However, I would like an opportunity to defend myself and prove that I'm not a cheat. I can stream, record gameplay, play with - or against - people. Hell, I'll mail a hard drive clone if someone really wants it. I know this is all after-the-fact, and there's already suspicion against me, because of the ban that's already in place. I can't really defend myself with that, because I don't even understand why the ban was placed, or what it was even for. I've asked and searched and no one has answers. As for reports filed against me, I can only recall one, maybe two. I'm not sure how far your logging goes, but there was a match on Dawnbreaker (played the AA) where I was reported "Just because he has over 50 kills." The guy openly admitted it as he issued the report "I report everyone that has more than 50 kills." (I have no idea if you count that one or not), and the other (potential report) that round was from some guy in the attack chopper who got irritated with me and even went so far as to use racial slurs against me (He got banned, then rejoined on another account just to complain more). Regardless. I just want a chance. Please?
  4. It was, I believe the account had been hacked and someone did bad things with it. Not much more to say than that, because it came out of nowhere. I'm certainly not a cheater. I just watch YouTube videos and try to mimic decent players.
  5. At least I'm assuming it was a ban. I have suddenly found myself unable to join all of the servers, and I don't exactly get a lot of information about why. As Battlefield likes to just tell me "You've been kicked by an Admin". I would like to know what it was for, why, and to appeal it (if possible). BattleLog Profile
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