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  1. It does have. But not going to explain that now just use google. No one with a 60hz server will be able to play on 120hz.
  2. I think there are too many servers. There doesn't really seem to be a point for me to "pop" 6 servers and at the end of the night haven't played on one full server, what's the most fun imo. You don't get money for having servers so why not just reduce them and actually have more fun playing on full servers rather than switching servers all night and in the end they're all empty again. Definetly keep the 64 conquest tho! And with the tickrate.... you got to be careful. Almost no one will join a 120hz conquest server as high hertz worsens the gameplay of vehicles in bf4. And I reckon
  3. It would certainly help to set the default map for the Conquest 64P server to Locker or Metro. I think Locker is one of the most popular maps and when there are only 15 people on the server, Silk Road is a pain in the ... . Locker or Metro are still good fun with 15 people.
  4. I got 3 or 4 times in the heli as a gunner while CasualRawrXD was pilot and he crashed me all those times because he wanted to fly with you. Honestly if he would have asked me to get out instead of crashing me I would have, no problem. But anyway, he was an ass so I was. @skulls I can give you video if you want to. Well sorry for ramming you bur your mate killed me four times before without even asking me to get out. Got nothing against you - but your mate, who can't even ask..
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