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  1. I will be there on either my druid lock priest or hunter maybe all 4 oh wait forgot the pally hmm guess thats 5
  2. Sounds like you dont know how to shop!!! The First question is who can i get internet from and when they say no one you just move on to next house!!!
  3. FUCK DA COWBOYS!!!!! Happy Turkey Day though
  4. If ya can do Wed Thursday I could come
  5. I hope its nothing major. Good luck and hope to see you soon
  6. Infertil

    Tokarev TTC

    im sorry i couldnt resist hahaha if only you had the barrel by it that would of been some great captions to be made
  7. Infertil

    Tokarev TTC

    you should really clean up you rlatest round of wackavision before you take a picture of your pistol lol
  8. do we maybe want to do a tues wed next week due to thanksgiving im nprobably not going to be able to raid either on thursday
  9. Yes play we are still looking for a full time healer if wings can come he could fill the dps spot but i havent been able to talk to him since raid if hes available all we will need then is a 3rd healer
  10. Infertil

    Tourin takes aim

    can you say broken shoulder if you actually fired froim that stance
  11. The start written up on icy-veins is a very usefull article worth the read. thanks for telling me about it rugburn this is infertil by the way havent figured out how to change it from chloros to infertil
  12. bigbubble raid wed/thurs 600 enchanting and jc working on cooking and fishing dont have alot of the gems as im leveling dk to farm ore for jc but i have some and working on reps for enchanting
  13. nohign important or going to ruin cata i left all that out just wanted to give a glimpse of graphics in cata which are totaly fuckign amazing
  14. From the album: teaser

    yet anoher cool pic
  15. Infertil


    graphic upgrade pics from cata
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