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  1. I'd highly recommend Siege, it is a growing game with more content being added each season. If we can get a team together and actually coordinate (as we did back in BF4 days) it would be grand.
  2. Not much of a fan of that idea tbh. The lack of zombies made PUBG more fun.
  3. I hopped on Saturday when there were 9 players on with seeders included. Not an hour later the 32 Conquest was full. We can absolutely make it happen with at least one server. Friday night as well. I was on last night with a full server. ATR still can thrive on BF4. Please, please do not shut all of our servers down.
  4. Reduce to one server maybe rather than a few? Why have more if we only really populate one on the occasion that we play? We haven't hopped to other servers in like two months.
  5. I'm quite the opposite. i want to play BF4, and the main reason I haven't been around is because I don't have BF1. Yet, I guess.
  6. I feel limiting people to just Locker isn't the best idea. You'd need something that provides more of a variety to the game and I don't think Locker does that.
  7. In my opinion, it would be unfair to players to limit them from using the vehicles of their choosing even if that's all they choose. It would also be unfair to assume that whoever we are talking about has scripts as it's simply a baseless accusation. I think that the limit itself would deter players from our servers.

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