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  1. It's Nutella in the processor...
  2. Pio#8472

    What I did over the weekend!

    Yeah, fun times!
  3. Shhh, that's supposed to be a secret!!!!
  4. When you are your death bed the friends and family gathered around you will not remember your raid progression...they will remember your kind deeds.
  5. Pio#8472

    The Pio Boat

    This is what I do in Clearwater all day!!!
  6. Folks I will be leveling Supersnap (Mage) and JuniorPio (DH Tank). I know we are full on tanks for the raids, but I will tank any 5-man we need me for. I will level JuniorPio first, then Snap second since raids won't be released for a few weeks.
  7. Ok folks, after a long F&F venture I am going to start raiding again. As usual I will be tanking. My new main is JuniorPio (DH) but if tanking on that falls flat during Legion I will be using my old Pally Pio. My alt will be my Healer - Brohealious. Most of you may remember me from WoLK as one of the main tanks in. Once we moved to ATR from that "other" guild I switched to healing on Brohealious. Not sure what the structure of 10 and larger teams looks like, just let me know. I can fill as Tank (DH or Pally), DPS (Mage Supersnap), or Heals (BroHealious - Priest)
  8. Pio#8472

    Raid Teamwork

    I just thought this was epic!
  9. Pio#8472

    Pio at the beach

    Sometimes it is just fun to relax! Here are some pictures off the porch of Frency's and another local bar in Clearwater, FL. I think I also have a few from the Grand Hyatt as well.
  10. Awesome!!!! I could get free phone sex?!?!?! SWEET!
  11. 1-606-694-4891 or email me @ Steven.Schuster@adelphia.net
  12. Group 2 - I have the flu , been home most of the week. I doubt I can make it tonight as I am doped up on TheraFlu. Even had to give Rifting a break.... I will try to log in but make no guarantees I will be effective.
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