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  1. For those who are playing, I know we have about 10 or so... Here is a good breakdown of the Leviathan Raid -
  2. Pio

    What I did over the weekend!

    Yeah, fun times!
  3. Pio

    The Pio Boat

    This is what I do in Clearwater all day!!!
  4. Pio

    Ha Ha

  5. Pio

    Raid Teamwork

    I just thought this was epic!
  6. Pio

    Pio at the beach

    Sometimes it is just fun to relax! Here are some pictures off the porch of Frency's and another local bar in Clearwater, FL. I think I also have a few from the Grand Hyatt as well.
  7. Pio

    Rift Screenshots

    This is a place to put Rift Screenshots for those who want to see what it looks like before playing it.
  8. Pio

    Warrior Branches

    Basically you mix three of these. You pick your first and as you progress you pick others down the line. You can carry up to three max but then swap them out as needed with others.
  9. Pio

    Customized UI

    Ok, here is a sample of a Custom UI - If you look at my mage screenshot on my forum post you will notice a drastic difference. Essentially eveything in the UI is customizable at a panel level. You can rezise the UI components indivudually. Very Nice!!!! It has all the standard stuff you would expect from wow as well, side panels, bottom panels, etc etc.
  10. Pio

    Another Login Page

    This is another shot of the character log-in screen.
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