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  1. It's Nutella in the processor...
  2. Pio

    What I did over the weekend!

    Yeah, fun times!
  3. Zags have a weak ass schedule!
  4. Shhh, that's supposed to be a secret!!!!
  5. When you are your death bed the friends and family gathered around you will not remember your raid progression...they will remember your kind deeds.
  6. Pio

    The Pio Boat

    This is what I do in Clearwater all day!!!
  7. Folks I will be leveling Supersnap (Mage) and JuniorPio (DH Tank). I know we are full on tanks for the raids, but I will tank any 5-man we need me for. I will level JuniorPio first, then Snap second since raids won't be released for a few weeks.
  8. Ok, I will focus on Supersnap as DPS
  9. Ok folks, after a long F&F venture I am going to start raiding again. As usual I will be tanking. My new main is JuniorPio (DH) but if tanking on that falls flat during Legion I will be using my old Pally Pio. My alt will be my Healer - Brohealious. Most of you may remember me from WoLK as one of the main tanks in. Once we moved to ATR from that "other" guild I switched to healing on Brohealious. Not sure what the structure of 10 and larger teams looks like, just let me know. I can fill as Tank (DH or Pally), DPS (Mage Supersnap), or Heals (B
  10. Pio

    Ha Ha

  11. Pio

    Raid Teamwork

    I just thought this was epic!
  12. Pio

    Pio at the beach

    Sometimes it is just fun to relax! Here are some pictures off the porch of Frency's and another local bar in Clearwater, FL. I think I also have a few from the Grand Hyatt as well.
  13. Awesome!!!! I could get free phone sex?!?!?! SWEET!
  14. 1-606-694-4891 or email me @ Steven.Schuster@adelphia.net
  15. Group 2 - I have the flu , been home most of the week. I doubt I can make it tonight as I am doped up on TheraFlu. Even had to give Rifting a break.... I will try to log in but make no guarantees I will be effective.
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