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  1. Lets do it! I should be on today latest 6pm PST
  2. I'm down for Monday & Tuesday for some GTA mayhem! Had fun tonight. Good times and good laughs. We just gotta get Nicc's disconnection issues situated. Kush is el scrub
  3. I'm down for this! Always wanted to try out the heists! So much content haha. @kushems is going to get it too his cheap ass is waiting for tomorrows Steam Summer Sale to see if it's on the list.
  4. PubG current heavily invested game. Probably will be for a long time. Good place to grow ATR's community with so many people playing. Quake Champions - will be another I'm hoping to spend a lot of time on. I did play a lot of Overwatch but it sucked running solo. Played a lot of it on console and it was my main game once I got my PC. Would love to get back into it because it is a huge team driven game and I like that. The community in the game is pretty large too. Battlefront 2 - looks good! Better than the first. I hope it does good. I'll dabble in there
  5. I've been sick like a dog all week and have had no urge to play. Starting to feel better and should be on tomorrow after work. 1pm PST. Saturday I have a wedding to go to but Sunday I'll be on the TS and grinding away
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