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  1. honestly forgot to check the societies, lol, I checked the discord, and this forum
  2. so has the leadership in ATR just given up trying to be helpful anymore? I asked a simple question and haven't received and answer to it yet. I would hope the people that help run the servers would at least be able to provide me with information.....
  3. can we get a pinned topic on this forum that is kept up to date with the current server address and mod packs required for our servers please. I am looking everywhere but have no idea what mod packs and server address our minecraft server is on. @Mastric
  4. There's new a new heist available but I cannot do it alone. I need a team of 3 highly skilled ( or just best available) people to be willing to meet up at a time and date and commit to getting it done. Time and dates will be decided based upon what works best for whole group of willing participants. I know @Smerffy said he was down. So 2 more nerds are needed.
  5. I do hold the official clan for ATR on world of warships. It's called: ATR Gamers. You can request to join or add me in game. My player name is : Varibash. I play a few rounds daily and would love to play in a division with a group sometimes.
  6. Varibash


    I can live without the icons if it makes recruitment easier
  7. you record clips with shadow play or record everything then edit?
  8. Levelcap going over the major changes in the upcoming patch full patch notes here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/1453956698903078380
  9. quick dinner before bed with @Infertil@Brick@TDavis
  10. just join a channel in the PUBG area of teamspeak, people will let you in their squads
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