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  1. Berms

    14/14 Mythic Cleared

    I'm late to the party, but congrats. Very happy for you guys. Makes all that persistence worth it.
  2. We went with option two as it allows for the most flexibility. While option one has reliance on four people, option two treats the hunters as backups to the strat. All of our me lee was required to learn it. Our monks and rogues had the easiest times since they can teleport up. (You have to shadow step someone in midair.). Our warriors took the most time to master it, but became the most dependable. With hunters going up less often, we effectively extended everyone's life expectancy. The hunters became the ultimate backups and as group two lost people, hunters slowly rotated into permanent b
  3. FYI: You can use the Druid movement speed when the root goes out to clear it. Totally negates the aoe. Only use druid roars!
  4. WTB more state of the union addresses!
  5. /downvote Shit talk about Deftonia's not allowed.
  6. P1 - Ranged and healers - Before the fight starts, step in. Back up slowly until you find the point at which jumping will clear your stacks. (Less movement required once you get used to this.) P2 - Try to push for as many stacks as possible. You should be able to do one more wave than you will be able to later on. Ie: If your goal is 5 waves, use your potion on the 4th wave and personal dps cooldowns on the 5th. (Clear stacks each time after clearing waves.) Allow the 6th wave to go through. Later on, you'll just be able to do 4. Do P1-P3 twice (I think it's twice) and your final
  7. Disc Priest + Spriest = Win! Stack a few mages and all other classes are being carried.
  8. If people don't have Perky (unlikely), the Worg pup would be the easiest option unless they've picked up something else from pet battles.
  9. http://us.battle.net...ic/6293820089#2 They changed their position again? nvm Looks like I was afk on this page too long before I posted.
  10. Better resource: www.naba.org Why? Because I just had to this once.
  11. Combat for all fights except spine. Sub for spine. Noxxic is horrible.
  12. Note: You can cloak/bubble the parasite off, but it will cause it to drop immediately and chances are that people weren't ready to kill it. Use those abilities as last resorts just before it pops if you think you might die.
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