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  1. Learning Cinema4D with After Effects for post render production. btw I am working now for doing this. Good pay
  2. This is an ad/promo video I did behind this guild's back to surprise them. There a non-profit Lucas sanction group that does this for kids and make wish like foundations. http://empiresaberguild.com/ in case someone screams out NERD
  3. It's funny you mention that...I kind of blew up my file on it so I would start from scratch. Thankfully what you're asking is very simple of me to do now. So I can do it with a black background/alpha background. Thank Andrew Cramer...
  4. Well I got something done for ATR. There is no music atm as this is just a logo test.
  5. I've done this before on my app page so I'll repost them here again: Graphic Design done with Illustrator Adobe CS6/Photoshop CS6/After Effect CS6 (filers and VFX add ons) VFX LOGO TEST from After Effects from Red Giant Plugin and Element 3D Title opening shot for a BF4 clan (no longer working for them). After Effects w/ Element 3D, Optical Flairs, Lightning scripts for GRID effect. CAR DEMO REEL. After Effects/Photoshop/Illustrator. Last part was a fully built 3D model from the ground up on a 2D layer system and translated the data into Element 3D. Composite Alpha Channel Explosions and Smoke effects. and for the hell of it... :18 start there...
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