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  1. Just finished it today, no need to grind anymore
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking to get "The Insane" title. I could use some help farming Heavy Lockboxes. You can pick pocket them from mobs in LBRS. Here is a guide that has some tips and tricks. A class trial rogue is able to do it. I'm paying 50,000g for every 250 Heavy Lockboxes Thanks!
  3. Hey guys. You've probably noticed that I haven't made the last few raids. My hours at work have changed slightly and it look like that change might be permanent. As it stands I don't get off work until 7:30 PM server time (right when the raid starts) I'll try to log on when I get home to see if the raid has started late but it looks like I might not be able to make it in the foreseeable future. Hopefully this change isn't too "permanent".
  4. Sorry guys, my boss is asking me to stay a bit late tonight. Hopefully I can make it in time for some of the raid but we'll see.
  5. I'm going to have to work late tonight. Hopefully I can make it on eventually to help out. I'll do my best.
  6. Hey guys. I go on call at the hospital this Friday. I'll be on for the raids but "may" have to leave at any moment. We have a guy who works evening now so I most likely won't, but just a heads up.
  7. Hey guys I have to work a bit late tonight so I'll be running late for the raid.
  8. Hey guys, I won't be on to raid Wed the 26th. It's my nephew's birthday.
  9. Ninja and I are going to get together and get some naked pictures and taunt Rebel by not letting him see them.
  10. Hey guys I have to go to Florida next week for work. I'll be leaving Sunday am and coming back Wednsday PM. I've let Snug know. Good luck with your run
  11. Psychosi

    Fangs of the Father!

    http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/skullcrusher/Psychosi I'm the 2nd highest geared person on the server apparently
  12. Psychosi

    Fangs of the Father!

    Hurray now I can stop being a loot whore!!!
  13. Just getting off work. Going to be late tonight
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