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  1. So not everything died. Just all my raptards, 1 of my birds, the Albino Carno, all my storage on my boat, and both my Fabricators (1 in forge area 1 on boat). Super awesome times
  2. ok, the hunting pack is dead. a lvl 14 alpha walked into the base and killed everything, including me. fuck this game sometimes
  3. dead?

    sweet. This is my late night addiction right now. Hopefully they stay up LOL
  4. So the server seems to be offline? There was no update today, its just not up
  5. Wither massacre

    Here is the video I followed. Kinda forgot to follow up on this. Was kinda busy the past couple days. Its a very nice set up. I just haven't figured out how to automate it yet, as in, getting the skulls and sand put through without me doing it. The alloy wire tend to get in my way a little. I've tried using Ender IO, but It's just not working the way I would like it. Still, 64 withers in 3 min is nice. Click Me
  6. Wither massacre

    easier said than done, but I will do my best. it probably wont have any sound, But i'll do my best. After raid of course. Although, to be fair, I took it straight from another off of Youtube, so if you want a video now, I can find that for you
  7. So i've been playing FTB Infinite a lot lately and have set up a wither farm that spawns and Kills 64 withers in 3min 20 Sec. Its great!!
  8. So for whatever reason, probably because I'm watching videos of it again, I have an incling to play this game again. Are there any plans to make a server again at anytime?
  9. I watch a lot of the Yogscast and Hat Films on YT. They make me laugh. Here is the latest Gun running video from Hat Films and the complete and utter incompitence of their ability to play games, and it makes me laugh a lot!! Best part is around 2:20 mark, but the whole thing is funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8Fcb5dwneA
  10. Angel + Bobs mods

    And its done. Learned a lot with this one. Next time I know to not put things so damn close together. lol
  11. Angel + Bobs mods

    Slowest process EVER!!!!
  12. Angel + Bobs mods

    0.15. Haven't seen a 1.xx anywhere....

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