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  1. Does it imprint 100% even if they want Kibble? That is one thing I haven't figured out yet.
  2. FTB Horizons III Server

    Interesting, I may need to check this out...as long as I can pull myself away from the Dinos
  3. @Nerita It looks like @Chuck_Mawhinn3y Found your bird. Not sure if you already knew or not, but I just noticed, so Figured i'd say something. I'm in the process of making an bird holding pen (can't spell the word). Currently only way up is with a flyer, but I am working on it. Also trying to make it look pretty. Its the super ugly tower in the middle of the building area.
  4. OreGen Overboard?

    Looks like paradise to me....LOL
  5. I also have a Christmas hat costume in my bag...
  6. I forgot how cute they are!! Kinda wish they would stay this small, only because of how damn cute they are.
  7. Thief!!

    I found most of it. It is in the massive building placed in a very odd place on the beach.
  8. So all the metal and oil are just gone?!?! I was SOOOOOOOOO close to getting an Industrial Forge and now I have to start over? well this just sucks MAJOR ass.
  9. So not everything died. Just all my raptards, 1 of my birds, the Albino Carno, all my storage on my boat, and both my Fabricators (1 in forge area 1 on boat). Super awesome times
  10. ok, the hunting pack is dead. a lvl 14 alpha walked into the base and killed everything, including me. fuck this game sometimes
  11. dead?

    sweet. This is my late night addiction right now. Hopefully they stay up LOL

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