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  1. Can't remember when this was, sometime this past weekend
  2. This isn't me, but its god damn funny. Morons playing PuBG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsevQhi-QwI
  3. Can't be to bad right?
  4. I finally got Electric furnaces, so now the rebuild has started.lol
  5. So here is my current build. No trains, no flying robots. Its very close nit and very chaotic. Its the best I can do right now. I want to relocate with trains, but everything still works.lol
  6. So i've been playing this mod solo to try and learn it. I have the most fucked up "system" going on. Its really gross. Who would have known by adding like 5 more ores would cause so much chaos.lol
  7. I've been watching streams of this and youtube videos since like mid March. Looks pretty straight forward. I needed something new to get me by, bored with most of my other games and a friend felt bad, so he bought it for me. Now I just need to actually find the times that people play. I am hoping I'm not to late to the party however, don't want this to go the way of GTA.
  8. Brand new noob who will probably suck ass. Just sayin
  9. Ignore
  10. until

    This seems to be losing steam already. it makes me sad because i was actually having lots of fun. WHERE IS EVERYONE???
  11. I let mazrin know we are playing GTA again, not sure if/when he can make it, but he knows. Been trying to find konstay, but he hasn't been online in the past week, so I'm not sure what happened But I do know that Tonight and tomorrow night will be my last days that I can play till the weekend when I am in Phoenix. So I am hoping something happens tonight and tomorrow so I am not bored out of my damn mind again
  12. We planning on anything tonight?
  13. Dawn Raid Looks interesting. Should try this out this weekend (as I wont have a computer for almost a week starting next week)
  14. regardless of what day we decide to do GTA day. and depending on how many people we get, we get have 2-4 clubs running and getting people money. There are some very interesting vehicles out there that would make for some very fun game play. It does kinda suck that its limited to 6 or 8 people per club, but if it didn't have a limit it would make some very crazy things to happen.
  15. i've played with beyond, but its missing mods that I enjoy more than what they have. I.E. Mekanism that would probably be the BIG ONE, best mechanical mod i've ever played with.

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