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  1. What are the chances of one of the servers going back to ATM 3? Its been updated a lot actually recently, Ender IO is on there as well as the NEW Thaumcraft. Been playing solo, but miss playing with other people.
  2. do we still have a server up for this?
  3. I noticed this server is still up. is anyone actually playing on it anymore? and if so, has it been updated? (Ender IO is in it now).
  4. You are damn right I am willing to help out. I'll even make sure to be sober or drunk, which ever you prefer.
  5. I am really hoping we start playing this again. I get on sometimes, but with out people to play with, its just not as fun!!!
  6. So I got my Tier 1 Void Miner put together, it has power, it has a straight line to bedrock and the Light beam is active. Why is nothing being mined? At this point I am just completely confused and there seems to be almost no online help, can't even find a wiki on this mod, which is sad really. I am tired of spending 30 min to an hour mining ore. That is not the fun part of this game, so getting this stupid thing up and running would be nice.
  7. Aberration is crazy hard. I got the otter than never went back.lol
  8. Ok, so I am going to be taking a break from ARK. Its getting super repetitive once again and a little boring. We started to ramp up for a boss,but nothing ever happened. and with all the major lag that is accuring, its become less enjoyable. So I wont be logging in for awhile, unless I get so bored that ARK is the only thing to do (which is possible). @Nerita At some point you might want to either grab your Otter or just make sure they are fed, or they will probably die. They eat a shitton all the time. I will be logging on to turn all my Dino's mating off, but anyone who wants any eggs, you are more than welcome to them. Other than that, if all my Dino's die, maybe it will help with lag? Also,if anyone wants any High lvl dino's that I have tamed, let me know, and we can set up a time for me to come unclaim them for you.
  9. Title kinda says it all. I have been missing some GTA lately. There is so much new stuff and I'd actually like to play again. Plus, with my job I have come into a little extra cash and since is all I do is play games, might as well spend a little on something I can enjoy. @Varibash @Mastric @Lyntha
  10. Does it imprint 100% even if they want Kibble? That is one thing I haven't figured out yet.
  11. Interesting, I may need to check this out...as long as I can pull myself away from the Dinos
  12. @Nerita It looks like @Chuck_Mawhinn3y Found your bird. Not sure if you already knew or not, but I just noticed, so Figured i'd say something. I'm in the process of making an bird holding pen (can't spell the word). Currently only way up is with a flyer, but I am working on it. Also trying to make it look pretty. Its the super ugly tower in the middle of the building area.
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