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  1. Yay! That was my fave for the whole duration it was up
  2. Yes! Bring canals back for a weekend!
  3. I am Really sorry. I did all i could.

  4. Buddy i am so sorry for this... You are a great player and thats the end of it. this is a bad way to go. I hope this all gets cleared up so we can play again...  Ill do whatever i can to help out

  5. SnipeR


    I honestly have no problem with discord but i like teamspeak better. From a community standpoint we would probably get more people to randomly join ts as opposed to discord but i dont mind it
  6. When I tried to log in this morning to minecraft it told me I could not log and I could not get a server ping. I will be back on in a few hours to check but just putting it out there. Thank you in advance
  7. Hello my name is Sniper12371. I have been apart of ATR Gamers for almost a year now. I would like to express interest in helping with admin responsibilities in battlefield 4 servers. I am not always on but when i am i try to do everything possible to help with this group and their goal of making a good game playing environment. I am on teamspeak most of the afternoon and always during weekdays so contact me there if you want to. I appreciate your reading of my application!!!
  8. I am interested but I need to know when we would be meeting. I am more than willing to play I just can't do so during some times. I will try though.
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