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  1. TheRealKrobar


    I've been using Discord for when I am not playing the same game as all the rest of you. I've had it set up for...gosh...a long time now, I don't remember, but prior to when this thread first started. The chat is super nice, I use it on my phone so I can check in with friends about playing games later when I'm at work and stuff. Resources, like Mastric, why would I have less than 32gb of RAM? As a benefit, many people use it and are in channels for popular streamers or other gaming communities and it's little work to have them click the button to join our server. Pro tip: Make a permanent link
  2. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  3. I seem to just get frustrated with BF4 when I play lately. BF1, while it has it's challenges at times, I don't come away from at the end of the night wishing I'd played something else. Having said that, I agree that a lot of it has to do with the LAN and the BF1 DLC coming out and you may get some rebounds after the newness of the DLC wears off. I don't think I've ever played on any tick higher than what we use, so I'm a little interested to check that option out.
  4. It's fun! But in that picture, that doesn't look like Live Wire to me.....some addict!
  5. oh, crap, then maybe I didn't fix it, but I did get to play. I assume you can change that outside the in game menu? Cause I got in and it was running windowed, I changed it to windowed borderless when I was talking to you, didn't quite understand what you meant in ts lol
  6. I made sure to *not* select beta this time, though I never have done Origin betas in the past, I did see that it has BF4 already set to run as admin which is new, removed that and will test in a little bit
  7. I think it was the Origin update, I was on BF4 a tiny bit last week before my eye surgery. I went to play now and it just doesn't load, battlelog says I'm in a game but nothing is happening. Win 10 Pro 64 bit, i5-6500, Asus H170 mobo, GTX 1070. Other games are fine, I've looked online and found people saying to do compatability mode of "run as admin" and "run in windows 7" modes on the bf4helper files which I've done and I can now at least see the bf4 process start in task manager, but nothing ever appears on screen. I'm trying one more time wiping all traces of Origin from my pc and redownloa
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