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  1. OONicc


    so far the past few day I have been using the discord app on my phone. Working good and having good convos. Even kush has it ( its free thats y Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  2. OONicc


    I think its time we re-visit Discord, lot of time has passed and I think it will work better than Team Speak. I am currently using and liking Discord. Let the Discussion Begin..!
  3. OONicc


    We are at 32 Raffle Tickets left, I get paid this Friday and going to get 4 more Tickets. Good Job and thank you to everyone who has purchased tickes. We are almost done Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  4. Thank you Varibash your help would be awesome. When meeting new people im not trying to get everyone I meet into TeamSpeak. Im only inviting the people that sound/act like good normal people. Also people you might add on your friends list. Hope that make sense, Thank you again! -OONicc Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  5. Hello boys and girls. So most of you all ready know that I like to play single player in PubG but in a Squad to meet new folks. Moving forward I would like to make a group of us to do that. I know this isn't what most of you guys want to do but I would like to continue growing our community and with help we could get 1-3 new players into team speak per week if we try this. The idea is to try this 1 or 2 days a week were we could recruit in PubG, (maybe Saturdays and Sundays)nothing is set in stone yet and I am looking forward to your feedback. If you are interested in helping out please contact me in Team Speak or message me via website. Thank you for your time -OONicc
  6. Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  7. Im looking to play OverWatch, GTA5, and CSGO. These games have a big following/community. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks! -OONicc
  8. This is new to our website and we are looking to get everyone at ATR that plays PubG into our Club.
  9. Feel free to add me on steam, oonicc Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  10. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  11. he is talking about puting that map first in the rotation. Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  12. We are still doing BF4 nights on Tuesday and Thursdays Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  13. Is that the new BF1 map? Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
  14. we have been playing BF1 the last 4-5 nights and we are having fun Sent from my iPhone using ATR Gamers
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