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    Virginia, for now...
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    I'm an active user of maths, physics, foreign languages, and music--specifically the piano.
    I spend around 120-180 minutes each day studying my active language--which is currently Norwegian--and 30 on my passive language--the one I take at school: Mandarin. I plan on spending 4-5 months with it as an active language. I haven't decided on what comes after that.

    As for maths, I am currently researching Hypergeometry, specifically that of PPO and SCO objects. They will be the focus on a paper I am writing for the IB--which you may google if you don't know what it is, btw. I am currently interested in the smallest SCO object of them all, which has proven to be an interesting result.

    As for the piano, I have played it most of my life, and, although I used to play other people's music, I now produce my own music (piano only). It is a very slow process.

    Here's the part where I write in a language you don't understand. I would recommend it for any internaut/person who thinks languages are difficult: Esperanto.

    Jen ne el Gugula Traduki sed el miaj ideoj! :)
    Mi esperas, ke vi povas kompreneti ĉi-tiu... mia babilaĉo ĉe ĉi-tiu ligilo. Mi ŝatas studi lingvojn kaj lerni tage, hore, sekunde. Mi ofte uzas Duolingo kaj Ŭolfram-Alfa :)

    Se vi ŝatas Battlefield 4, bonega! mi ankaŭ! Mi esperas, ke mi povos ludi ĝin malgraŭ mia nova sistemo: Ubuntu 15.10. Malfacilos. Kvankam mi trovis, ke Ubuntu strangetas, mi ŝategas Esperanto per Linukso :D

    Okej, tiu estis mia parolado. Dankon por legi! Ĝis la revido!


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