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  1. 01-22-19 normal & heroic Season 2 PVP & Mythic Dungeon Season 2 1-29-19 mythic, LFR Wing 1 2-12-19 LFR Wing 2 2-26-19 LFR Wing 3
  2. Will be playing my Hunter for BfA. Just point me towards the target & I'll make the magic happen.
  3. Got in to the vet's of early. Am leaving now & should be home shortly.
  4. One of my dogs has an ear infection & I have to take her out to the vets office later this afternoon to get it looked at. So I will be running late for tonight's raid. I should be back around 6 PM-6:30 PM (9-9:30 EST). If anything changes I'll post something real quick here or to the guild Facebook page.
  5. I should have made this post before I took a nap not after so I apologize for the lateness. Opening season for the IFL (Indoor Football League) has started and the season opener for the home team (Spokane Empire) is tonight so I wont be on to raid. Good news is the rest of the IFL games are scheduled for the weekends so tonight will be my last sports related absence. Kick ass tonight in Nighthold everyone!! #goempire #atrrocks
  6. I'm going to the last Gonzaga men's basketball game of the 2016-2017 season tonight & wont be on to raid tonight. I should be back after 8:00 PST / 11: PM EST if anyone wants to do some mythic plus dungeons. Kick ass on heroic NH guys / gals!! #gozags #atrrocks
  7. Got first dibs earlier today on some extra tickets for the Gonzaga vs San Diego game (college basketball) so I wont be able to make the raid tonight. Should be back around 8:30 / 11:30 tonight in case anyone wants to run some mythic / mythic plus dungeons.
  8. Did a system restore to correct some unwanted changes after doing something. Damn PC got stuck in a reboot loop & I Just fixed it 30 minutes ago. Am logging in now even if its a bit late.
  9. computer is giving me a hard time right now. Might not be on for the raid tonight
  10. Agreed Roqwell. MM is garbage, will be forced to use SV for solo questing, farming & pet taming (bec it has traps) & BM is definitely not what it used to be but does the most damage out of the 3 specs. Once the artifact weapons come out that should help out & hopefully Blizz will also make some improvements and repair the damage they have done to Hunters.
  11. Sorry about not posting something sooner on the forums about the list of people who are interested / available to raid. Would love to raid again Ftfk (on my hunter) & am getting a new PC here shortly. In the meantime will be checking out the changes to the various classes particularly the ones I play (hunter, warlock & mage) and other assorted things till Legion rolls out.
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