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  1. Mythosaur

    Overwatch Fridays


    Gromn makes event. Goes to play Civ6 instead. Dillweed
  2. That MC/TO was dope, bring him back.
  3. It's Halloween time and zombies are on everyone's mind, so what better time than to do a post-apocalyptic screenshot contest, brought to you by ATR Gamers gaming community, based on their favorite holy paladin's new young adult dystopian novel, Rise of the Chosen. Rules: Take a book related screenshot anywhere in World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, or Overwatch, and provide a short description. Some things we'll be looking out for: Location Appearance Specific details Excerpt available free on Amazon in the Look Inside section for an idea of what to enter with. Prizes: First place: Pick any mount or pet from the Blizzard shop (maximum $30 value) or a $30 ThinkGeek gift card plus VIP access for ATR Gamers. Second place: Pick any pet from the Blizzard shop (maximum $15 value) or a $15 ThinkGeek gift card and an ATR Gamers T-shirt. All you need is a screenshot to enter. The description must include how it ties in with Rise of the Chosen. One screenshot per entrant. Must have a valid email and mailing address for the gifts to be sent out. The contest will run from October 18th, 2016 to October 31st, 2016. All entries can be submitted via http://www.annakoppauthor.com/rise-of-the-chosen-ss-contest. Good luck and have fun!
  4. Is it to late to switch to DH? Also, if 2 is enough for the raid group, that is fine. I've just been playing mine on the Beta way to much and they keep making little changes here and there to Enhance that keeps messing things up.


    Also, I would rather heal, but our heal team looks pretty damn strong. My biggest worry is that they will change something to Enhance and I will fall below on dps and not help the guild :(

    1. Mythosaur


      Play whatever you have the most fun with man. If you want to main DH go for it, we can make the balance work.

  5. So random day. TS keeps giving me "Failed to connect to server" error whenever I try and log on. Also Steam wont load, but battle.net works fine and the internet works fine. I am confused and trying to join in on GTA Thursday :(

    1. Mastric


      Use the domain name for teamspeak 


  6. Hearthstone will be Conquest best of 5. Each player will bring 3 unique decks, no more than one deck per class, due to the casual nature of the event we will not be doing bans. No plans right now to require submitted deck lists. If Whispers of the Old Gods releases before the LAN we will evaluate at that time whether or not the Standard or Wild format will be used, however this is very unlikely.
  7. Girl Scout cookies are available online this year. I think we can get the my mid March at the latest.
  8. I will agree with you on one point, Battlefield is a game for "grown men". If you fell the need to use degrading language behind the anonymity of the internet in order to threaten or make someone else have less fun than you, you are welcome to go play elsewhere and enjoy the other benefits of xbox live.
  9. That is the 6 pin you need, but I am not seeing a PCI-x16 2.0 slot
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