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  1. I have a work thing I have to attend in the evening
  2. Hey folks. I will be going on vacation soon and after vacation I have a work conference. Essentially, I won't be on again until at least 10/23.
  3. I will not be in attendance tonight
  4. Sticking with ye ol DK. Will try to be active, but will probably be casual like last XPac
  5. I think my next highest is 897, so I have some work to do there.
  6. What's our minimum iLvl to join? Clearly I am not hacking it on my DK and am considering joining with a different class. What would I need to get that guy to?
  7. No, I'm not dead. As many of you know, I bought a new house. As it turns out, I was so excited about a house that I never vetted internet. I has no internet yet. Seems no one supplies internet to my half of the street. The tremors have mostly subsided.....
  8. I would probably prefer to play DK, but I can play any of the following per needs: DK Hunter Warlock Shaman Paladin
  9. Feel free to crack jokes about how I would drag the team down regardless.
  10. What up yo! I'd like to try integrating myself back into the raiding scene. I know that I'm behind the curve though. I'm 708 iLvl. The alt raid doesn't do heroics and the main raid is doing mythics. I don't want to drag the team down. Thoughts?
  11. Yah, Holiday time. I'll totally be down for this after thanksgiving
  12. I'd like to start doing Challenge modes. My goal is silver, but of course, I wouldn't mind gold. If you're interested. lemme know. I can tank or DPS depending on interest.
  13. I just noticed that 25m is on hiatus. I'm less concerned with heroic. I just figured it would be nice to jump in an assist. I do have the legendary cloak. Got it right before my account lapsed the last time.
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