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  1. Once PubG goes live, I think it's going to be the main crop for this community (next to WOW). Even though it's still in Beta, we have on average 10+ people playing every night. I have heard of people playing in squads too. I would be interested in that. I just jump on to play with others who want to be strategic but do not want to yell if there are mistakes. You cannot dismiss this game. I also like CSGO, BF4, GTA5, and Team Fortress though I would rather put my time into PUBG. I'm saddened by the waste of money that went to BF1. That seems to happen with every other title they put
  2. I apologize if this is already been answered. I was playing on the 32 players conquest server. I've been randomly team balanced twice. Once when I was running towards a flag. The other time was well when I was on a roof trying to snipe someone. It just killed me and switched me to the other team. How can we fix this? It's unplayable in my opinion.
  3. Well, the last week spoke for itself. I tried to join and not a single person was on BF1 or BF4. I wanted to play, but I'm not going to sit here twiddling my thumbs. Done that before, not again.
  4. @Voo, Welcome to ATR. I'm not that familiar with your username. Do you go by any other names in game?
  5. I too really enjoyed the Tuesday/Thursday BF4 nights. I still really enjoy BF4 especially when we all work as a team. Some nights we crush, other nights we don't and I feel it's because we didn't work together. I liked BF1 when it first came out and everyone had the same guns and levels, but having played it recently with the updates, I'm just getting blown to bits with my newbie weapons. Time will tell. Even if it's not Tuesday/Thursday, I would like to see us pick 1 night a week and 1 server and stick with it. Maybe start a new thread with voting for most pop
  6. Awesome team collaboration tonight. ATR!!!!!!!!!!! @HappyUnholy @OONicc @skulls @sillouette23502 @The_Real_1hit @CaptShank @DropShotz007 @Xeo
  7. @HappyUnholy I have been seeding for the last 2 months. Do I not have enough time seeding to be listed?
  8. This would be great if somehow I could get a calendar event in gmail for this sort of thing. Or some definitive notification. I feel like I don't always get direction notifications from this forum and would like to figure that out sometime.
  9. I wouldn't normally post this but I thought I would anyway. Two users connected to TS (Battlefield 4) today and then disconnected. No big deal I guess. Usernames s.b.d minus the periods. Also. evol.v_32 minus the period. Both users connected and did not say anything for 40 minutes. No user-group tags. They both connected 1 at a time and disconnected 1 at a time which seemed strange. I tried to say hello but neither responded. I wanted to move them to lobby but could not for obvious reasons. Your thoughts?
  10. @Mastric That was not my intention. I wanted everyone to be able to play the video from inside this thread. I have seen it done before. What am I doing wrong? I have done this on other game forums without any trouble.
  11. MORE FREE DLC. Thank you Dice! It looks like only 1 map at the moment but check it out. BF2 players may remember this one. Dragon Valley http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/news/view/bf4-legacy-ops-available/ <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/oT3JWbBsu2E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> That is me attempting to embed html. For some reason, I have been having trouble.
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